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Specialist requirements

Rotman Commerce offers three specialist programs. You choose your specialist at the end of your first year provided you have successfully completed your Guaranteed Admission (GA) requirements. Complete program details are available in the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar

Our three specialist programs:

Specialist in Management

The Management specialist includes studies across all areas of business. This broad specialist allows you the flexibility to focus your studies in the areas of business that interest you most and offers six optional Focuses in the following areas:  

  • Finance 
  • Financial Statement Analysis 
  • International Business (U of T Global Scholar) 
  • Leadership in Organizations 
  • Marketing 
  • Strategy and Innovation 

Focuses are noted on official University of Toronto transcripts, and are open only to students in the Management specialist. Each focus requires students to complete a particular combination of courses that help develop expertise in a particular area. Focuses complement and enhance your broader understanding of the core areas of business (finance, accounting, marketing, organizational behaviour, operations and strategy) that comprise the foundation of the Management specialist.   

For students entering the management specialist in 2019 or later:
>> Management Specialist Program Overview, including Sample Course Progression and Focus requirements (updated July 2021)

For students who entered the Management specialist in 2017 or 2018: 
>> Management Specialist Program Overview (updated June 2018)

Specialist in Finance and Economics

The Rotman Commerce specialist in Finance & Economics  offers a rigorous education in the related fields of finance and economics. If you choose this specialist, you’ll complete advanced courses in both fields and graduate with a high degree of expertise in both the theoretical and practical aspects of finance. This specialist has been designed for students with a strong aptitude and deep interest in both finance and economics.

If you’re interested in pursuing studies in finance but do not wish to obtain or require an extensive foundation in economics, you can consider completing the Specialist in Management with a Focus in Finance.  

For students entering the Finance & Economics specialist in 2019 or later:
>> Finance & Economics specialist Program Overview, including Sample Course Progression (updated July 2021).  

For students who entered the Finance & Economics specialist in 2017 or 2018: 
>> Finance & Economics specialist program overview (updated June 2018)

Specialist in Accounting

If you intend to take the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) examinations and/or wish to pursue a career or graduate studies in accounting, you will want to opt for our specialist in Accounting. In this specialist, you’ll gain a broad education in the full range of business sub-disciplines – finance, accounting, marketing, organizational behaviour, operations and strategy – while developing deep expertise in the core accounting areas of financial and managerial accounting, taxation and audit. This specialist program provides all the requirements to continue into the Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting or the CPA PEP Education program and to ultimately obtain the CPA designation. 

We updated the accounting curriculum as of May 2020 so students entering Y1 at Rotman Commerce in or after September 2019 will follow this curriculum. Students entering before that date may choose to opt in to this curriculum or to continue the curriculum in place as described in the A&S Calendar in the year they entered their specialist program. For more information on this update and your options, you can talk to an academic advisor 

For students entering the Accounting specialist in 2019 or later:
>> Accounting Specialist Program Overview, including Sample Course Progression (updated July 2021).  

For students who entered the Accounting specialist in 2018: 
>>Accounting Specialist Program Overview (updated June 2018) 


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