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Centre for Professional Skills

Collaborate. Lead. Communicate.

The Centre for Professional Skills helps you build the skills that are most important to academic and career success.

The Centre for Professional Skills (CPS) was created in 2018 to help RC students go beyond the traditional curriculum to develop the transferrable and future-oriented skills most valued by employers. We partner with faculty and staff to support every RC student in developing a core set of professional skills in six broad competency areas via cumulative curricular and co-curricular touchpoints throughout their degree.  

We bring skill development opportunities directly into the classroom. Through our teamwork initiatives embedded in key courses, students become successful collaborators, developing interpersonal skills for managing meetings, giving and receiving feedback, and conflict resolution. Our workshops, online modules, and coaching appointments with qualified communications instructors give students the support they need to become effective, persuasive, and professional communicators. Students also learn the benefits of a growth mindset and the importance of acting with integrity.

Bringing together all of these opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, our students graduate with the knowledge and professionalism to launch them into rewarding careers, and the skills to be ready for anything.   

 The six CPS competency areas are: 

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