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Our Supplemental Application

Rotman Commerce is seeking to admit outstanding students that have demonstrated academic excellence, have an understanding of leadership and community, and a passion for the world of business. In order for us to better evaluate for these qualities, all applicants to our program are required to complete the Rotman Commerce Supplemental Application. The application includes short written and video responses which give us the opportunity to get to know you better. It will be considered alongside your academic record when evaluating you for admission to the program.

Application Deadlines

Applications for September 2024 will open in the fall of 2023. Detailed application dates will be updated here as they become available. Applicants are recommended to complete their application by November 7, 2023. The final application deadline for all applicants is January 15, 2024. All prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early.

Rotman Commerce Supplemental Application Deadlines

We encourage all applicants to submit their RC Supplemental Application and any required documents well in advance of the published deadlines. The deadline for early consideration for all applicants is December 15, 2023. The final deadline to complete the supplemental application for all applicants is February 1, 2024 (11:59 PM EST).

How It Works

There is a $50 Supplemental Application fee, paid with the submission of your OUAC application. Shortly after submitting your OUAC application, you will receive an email acknowledgment from U of T that will include your JOINid/UTORid, your University of Toronto Applicant Number, and information about the next steps in the application process.

Once you have access to the Join U of T portal, you can view the status of your application(s) and see a list of any required documents, including the Rotman Commerce Supplemental Application. Detailed instructions about the format of the Supplemental Application will be available to applicants through the Join U of T portal. Applicants will have access to unlimited practice sessions.

Note: Your information will be collected and held for the University by Kira Talent, a company that provides an online platform for video interviews and essays. Kira Talent uses cloud-based technology to store data. Before you begin your application, please ensure that you have read the Kira Talent Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about completing this phase of your application, contact Rotman Commerce at

Supplemental Application Webinar

Watch a recording from a recent session below.

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