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The Career Journey model

Our Career Journey model isn’t just about finding a first job, it’s about developing a rewarding and meaningful career.  A satisfying career takes introspection, self-knowledge, research, discovery, strategy and career management skills.

At Rotman Commerce Career Services, we base our career coaching and education on the idea that career development is an iterative, ongoing process that will continue throughout your career. As a result, we have organized our career service offerings around this framework.

The career journey has three major phases:

  • Discover: In this phase, you uncover and recognize your strengths, skills, values and interests, and explore career options that leverage your unique attributes.
  • Develop: During this period, you’ll develop a toolkit to showcase your strengths, skills and experiences.
  • Experience: Here, you’ll collaborate on real-world challenges in diverse environments and expand your network to make meaningful contributions.

Once you begin working on these phases, you’ll discover that the career journey is not linear; it’s a cycle that will repeat many times, sometimes with overlapping phases. Your journey is unique to you and depends on your particular strengths, skills, goals and experiences.  No matter where you are in the cycle, you can find support for your goals at Career Services.

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