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Applicants from Outside Ontario (OUAC 105)

If you are not currently attending an Ontario high school, you will apply to Rotman Commerce through the Ontario Universities Application Centre in the OUAC 105 category. You will be required to complete either the OUAC 105 form (for domestic students) or 105 form (for international students). CEGEP students (see below for more information) should apply to Rotman Commerce under this category.

If you’re attending a high school outside of Canada and have never studied in Canada, are residing outside of Canada, and are not applying to any other universities in Ontario other than U of T, you should apply to Rotman Commerce using the U of T International Application.

Minimum admission requirements:

To apply to Rotman Commerce through the OUAC, you must apply to the University of Toronto, select the Faculty of Arts & Science at the St. George Campus, and then choose Rotman Commerce as your Admission Category from the available program list.

Once you have applied to Rotman Commerce through the OUAC site, you will receive an email confirmation from the University of Toronto. Please ensure that is on your email safe list. The confirmation email will contain your unique login information for the Join U of T portal. It will also include details on where to submit supporting documents and how to complete the Rotman Commerce Supplemental Application. To confirm that all of your required documents have been received, see your Status Check on your Join U of T portal. It may take up to three weeks for your documents to be processed and reflected on Status Check.

Applicants are admitted to our program on rolling basis. We strongly advise you to complete your application in advance of our posted deadlines as it is possible for us to reach our capacity prior to these dates.

Residence Guarantee

The University of Toronto offers guaranteed residence for all new full-time students entering their first year of university in an undergraduate program for the first time. In order to qualify for this guarantee, you must have indicated your interest in residence by completing the StarRez application and have received and accepted an offer of admission at U of T. To maintain your eligibility, you must respond to all deadlines and meet all deposit requirements as indicated in your application and offer of admission.

CEGEP Students

If you are currently in your second year or have completed three or more semesters of a CEGEP program, and have a strong academic record, you may be eligible for a provisional offer of admission to Rotman Commerce. Admission consideration is based on your previous year studies and your most recent R-Score, although we will review your entire academic record. Calculus I is a required prerequisite for Rotman Commerce, and we recommend a minimum R score of 30 to be competitive.

If admitted, all CEGEP students will be registered in Year 1 at the University of Toronto, but those with two or more years of study will be assessed for transfer credits. The Transfer Credit Office will assess CEGEP academic credits and will approve a maximum of 5.0 credits (5 FCEs). Students who progress through Rotman Commerce are typically limited to 3.5 transfer credits (FCEs). Students are required to meet with their academic advisors at their college or at Rotman Commerce once they are admitted to fully understand the transfer credit options.

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