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Rotman Commerce Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Rotman Commerce seeks to inspire and empower our students and alumni to become innovative leaders and engaged citizens who contribute to the success of organizations and the betterment of communities in Canada and around the world.

Our Vision

Rotman Commerce will be recognized as a leading undergraduate business program in Canada, attracting a diverse group of talented and engaged students who share a commitment to excellence, a demonstrated capacity for leadership, and a passion for the world of business.

We will deliver a world-class education in business and the liberal arts and engage an extended community of faculty, staff, alumni, and corporate partners to create exceptional opportunities for professional skills development, leadership experience, and community service.

Through these efforts, we will prepare Rotman Commerce graduates to:

  • frame and analyze problems creatively, thoughtfully, and rigorously;
  • communicate effectively;
  • understand the economic, social, and global context of business;
  • value ethical and social responsibility;
  • and act as effective and principled leaders.

Our Values

The Rotman Commerce community is:

  • mutually respectful and collaborative;
  • supportive and inclusive of the diversity of its members;
  • characterized by professionalism, personal responsibility, and integrity;
  • and committed to excellence in all its endeavours.
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