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Rotman Commerce Student Life

If you’re going to be a well-rounded graduate, you should know what’s beyond the classroom and the library. You need to be able to pursue your interests, make friends and simply take breaks to have fun. That’s where Rotman Commerce student life comes in. From leadership events and intramural sports to boat cruises and fashion shows, you have countless opportunities with us to expand your horizons, gain self-assurance and build lifelong friendships.  

The Rotman Commerce Houses welcome all students from day one so everyone has a place to belong, while our student organizations – which vary from industry-based associations to interest groups – host dozens of professional and social events every year. Because classes – and life – can sometimes be hard, we make sure you’ve got health and well-being support in addition to the resources provided by our academic services team. If you’re sporty, but not varsity-level sporty, check out our intramural sports teams for friendly competition with students from other departments and faculties. And if you’re looking to apply some of the business know-how you’re acquiring in class, check out our experiential learning opportunities. There’s something for everyone in our student life programs, so don’t miss out!

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