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All forms specific to Rotman Commerce are listed below. If you have any questions about any of these forms and how to use them, email us.

  • Request for Special Consideration Form – For Term Work Only 
    This form must be submitted for missed or late term work for RSM/MGT courses only. The form must be submitted along with supporting documentation within two business days of your missed term work. If you experience any issues accessing or using the form, please contact Once you have submitted the form, please monitor your UTOR email account. You will receive an update on the status of your request.

    • If you are not able to write your final exam (in person or online) at the scheduled time or if you miss a final exam for reasons outside your control, you may submit a deferred exam petition, which is a request to write your exam at a later time.
  • Program Update Form
    If you would like to change your attendance status from full-time to part-time or vice versa, or would like to withdraw from the Rotman Commerce program, you should use this form. We strongly recommend you consult with a  Rotman Commerce  Academic Advisor before completing this form. Once completed, return the form to your Academic Advisor or to
  • Course Enrolment Exception Form
    Use this form to request an exception to course enrolment rules and/or to request enrolment in a course that you were unable to enrol in yourself through no fault of your own. This form is most commonly submitted by students who need a particular course to graduate. We will consider all requests based on need for the course in question. Unless the course is required for you to graduate at the nearest upcoming graduation, there is no guarantee you will get a space. The completed form should be emailed to your Rotman Commerce Academic Advisor or to
  • Guaranteed Admission Extension Request Form
    Use this form to request an extension of your guaranteed admission if extenuating circumstances have prevented you from completing your GA requirements by the end of your first year. The first step to submitting a GA extension request is to meet with a Rotman Commerce Academic Advisor to discuss your situation. Include this form with your supporting documentation, and submit the package to your Academic Advisor.
  • Independent Study Course Enrolment Form
    Use this form to request enrolment in an independent study course (ISC). You must have secured a Rotman-affiliated supervisor before you submit your request. Once the form is completed by both the student and the instructor, it should be submitted
  • Course Overload Request Form
    Use this form to request an overload for an academic session. An overload is more than 6 courses in a Fall OR Winter term, more than 6.0 credits in a Fall-Winter session, or more than 2.0 credits in a Summer session. The completed form should be emailed to your Rotman Commerce Academic Advisor or
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