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Teamwork resources

Working in teams at Rotman Commerce

Working as a team is challenging; this is true both in the workplace and in your academic classes. However, learning to work together in teams is an important aspect of your education and preparation for your future careers.

At RC, you’ll learn to work in diverse teams with other students from a wide variety of places and perspectives. Through this process, you will develop intercultural and interpersonal skills, and improve your communication and project management skills.

The Rotman Commerce Centre for Professional Skills (CPS) is a growing centre within Rotman Commerce with the mandate of supporting RC students in developing a core suite of professional skills via cumulative curricular and co-curricular touchpoints throughout their degree. The CPS has developed new teamwork resources designed to support all RC students and teams encountering challenges in their teamwork experience within courses.

Getting started

The teamwork contract is an important document for helping you work effectively with your team. The contract, and associated team skills audit form, will walk you through effective team practices like setting ground rules and dividing up tasks. The team skills audit will help you identify how your individual strengths contribute to the group.

The teamwork contract and skills audit should be completed in your first team meeting, in one sitting. Your first team meeting should be held at a time when all team members can attend, on an agreed-upon platform (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.). Avoid using social media platforms as your primary mode of communication with your team.

Teamwork resources

Download the CPS Tips for Teamwork PDF

Download the Teamwork Contract Word Doc

Download the Team Skills Audit Word Doc

Watch the Team Skills Audit video on YouTube

Download the Skill Action Verbs PDF

Need more support?

Meet with a Teamwork Mentor! Teamwork Mentors are recent alumni and can provide your team with support to develop plans for effective collaboration, identify issues or constraints regarding time, work or accommodations, resolve conflict between team members or communicate more effectively within teams.

If you want to learn effective project management strategies, leverage your diverse strengths for team success, and communicate more effectively, contact a Teamwork Mentor for support.

How to book an appointment

To book a meeting with a Teamwork Mentor, please email with the course code and team number in the subject line of the email.

Any member of the team may reach out individually to book an appointment, but we also encourage teams to book their appointments as a team. You will normally receive a response within 24-36 hours.

Be proactive in booking your meeting: teamwork is challenging, so reach out for support before problems arise!

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