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Students Transferring from U of T’s Faculty of Arts & Science 

Successful transfers into Rotman Commerce are very rare, however, current students in the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Toronto who have completed the admission requirements apply and be considered for admission to Rotman Commerce. Students must apply to change their Program in the First Request period between March and April of their first year. Requests are not considered in the Second Request period. As such, applicants must have completed the first-year required courses by the end of the First Request Period in order to be considered. Specific dates can be found annually in the Arts & Science Program Toolkit

Requirements for application

Combined with a strong supplemental application, current Arts and Science students may be competitive for admission into 2nd year of Rotman Commerce, depending on space available in the program. The program entry requirements are as follows: 

Each of the listed courses also has a minimum grade requirement; you can find details in the Academic Calendar

Please note that we reserve the right to give preference to students whose marks are the result of a single attempt at each course and simply completing these first-year program prerequisites with the minimum grade does not ensure that a student will be admissible to transfer into Rotman Commerce. Space in the upper years of the program is limited and based on how many students continue into the upper years of the program. The Admissions Committee will review your academic history and your Rotman Commerce Supplemental Application as part of the consideration process.  

Applying to a Rotman Commerce specialist program 

Apply during the first application period  

  1. Log on to ACORN and select Academics > Enrol & Manage > Programs 
  1. Select ‘Add a Program’ 
  1. Enter the code for the Rotman Commerce specialist of your choice: 
  • ASSPE2431: Specialist program in Management 
  • ASSPE2038: Specialist program in Finance & Economics 
  • ASSPE2676: Specialist program in Accounting 
  1. Confirm your request 
  1. If the status next to the program code changes to ‘REQUESTED’ — You have applied for admission to this program’ then you have successfully completed your program application 

Note that additional program codes may appear in the drop-down menu when adding a program. The three program codes listed in Step 3 above are the only three that are available for selection. If you select another code your request will not be successful. 

If you require assistance requesting the program on ACORN please contact your college registrar’s office. 

Submit the Rotman Commerce Supplemental Application 

After requesting the program in ACORN, you will receive a link via email to Kira Talent to complete the Rotman Commerce Supplemental Application and pay the associated $50 fee. This Supplemental Application is a mandatory component, and you are required to submit it by the deadline provided in the email if you wish to be considered for admission to Rotman Commerce. You can learn more about the Rotman Commerce Supplemental Application here.  


Students who are admitted as transfer students from A&S will pay the deregulated Rotman Commerce fees from the date they accept their invitation to the program. Students may also incur retroactive fees depending on the number of credits they completed before being admitted. All Rotman Commerce students pay deregulated fees for three years (second, third and fourth years). Students are charged these higher fees starting in the session following completion of 4.0 credits, ie. at the start of second year. If a student has been admitted with 8.0 credits or more, they would be charged retroactive fees for their already completed second year at UofT. Please discuss any questions with your college registrar’s office. You are expected to plan for these additional fees if this situation applies to you. 

For more information on Rotman Commerce fees, see: Tuition and fees – Current Students ( 

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