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Credit/No Credit option

The Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) option was designed to encourage students to explore courses outside of those required for their programs that they might find interesting but are not sure they will do well in.

You can select up to 2.0 FCEs (full course equivalents) of the 20.0 FCEs required for your degree to be evaluated on a CR/NCR basis.  You must obtain a minimum grade of 50% in order to attain credit on a course for which you have opted for CR/NCR.

The last day to opt in or out of CR/NCR is the last date to cancel the course without academic penalty (i.e., the “drop date”). To find these dates, refer to the Arts & Science academic dates and deadlines.

CR/NCR and Rotman Commerce specialist programs

The CR/NCR option cannot be applied to courses that are used to fulfill the specific program requirements for your Rotman Commerce specialist. This includes your RSM courses, your Guaranteed Admission courses, any required 300+ series Economics course(s), and courses used to fulfill the international requirement for the Finance & Economics or Management specialists. For students completing a Focus, all courses used to satisfy the Focus must have a final numeric grade (i.e., the CR/NCR option may not be used).

In exceptional circumstances, the CR/NCR option may be requested for an RSM course keeping in mind the following restrictions:

  • CR/NCR cannot be used for any RSM courses needed to complete the requirements of a  Rotman Commerce specialist, including the 8.0 FCE RSM requirement
  • CR/NCR cannot be used for any RSM course with a group work component

Also, note:

  • CR/NCR can be used for any non-RSM electives that are part of your degree
  • Courses taken on a CR/NCR basis cannot be used to fulfill program requirements for any Arts & Science specialist/major/minor.
  • It is not recommend to choose/request the CR/NCR option for any ECO/RSM courses. You may be expected or need to have grades for these courses on your transcript for future applications or opportunities

Students must meet with a Rotman Commerce academic advisor if they would like to discuss the CR/NCR option for an RSM course beyond their required RSM courses. You are not able to select the CR/NCR option for RSM courses on ACORN.

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