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Choosing your courses

Enrolment in RSM courses is restricted to Rotman Commerce students. In a few cases, students from partner programs such as Actuarial Science and Engineering Science are permitted to enrol in sections specifically designated for their programs.

First-year course enrolment

For new Rotman Commerce students with Guaranteed Admission (GA):

The first-year required and recommended courses total 4.0 FCEs (full credit equivalents). If you’re in first year, you can also choose 1.0 FCE of electives. The normal full-time course load is 5.0 FCEs per year, although any student enrolled in 3.0+ FCEs is a full-time student.

Details about the first-year courses can be found here.

First-year Rotman Commerce students may enrol in 200-level RSM courses over the summer (pending class space) as long as they have completed the Rotman Commerce Guaranteed Admission (GA) requirements by April.

Course enrolment resources

To choose your courses, refer to the following resources:

Choosing elective courses

  1. Explore the Arts & Science academic calendar to find courses that interest you. Upper year students can also check out our Special Topics course list for RSM electives.
  2. Once you’ve found elective courses you’re interested in, note the details of when/how they’re offered and any enrolment controls in the Arts & Science timetable.
  3. Before your enrolment start date, add the courses to your enrolment cart on ACORN.
  4. Make sure you’ve selected some back-up options in case any of your preferred options fill up.
  5. At your enrolment start time, log in to ACORN and press ‘enrol’ beside the courses in your cart.
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