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Recruitment Guidelines

To help us ensure that Rotman Commerce Career Services provides the best experience our students and corporate partners, we encourage you to follow the Ethical Recruitment Guidelines as set out by the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers. It is the employer’s responsibility to comply with all relevant federal and provincial legislation.

Information sessions

  • When arranging information sessions, most post-secondary institutions book space on a first-come, first-served basis and it is strongly recommended that employers book early to avoid conflicts.
  • Information sessions should begin no earlier than the first Monday following Labour Day.


  • Contact Rotman Commerce Career Services well in advance to reserve interview space and provide company literature.
  • Most post-secondary institutions book space on a first-come, first-served basis and it is strongly recommended that employers reserve space early.
  • Provide accurate information on job responsibilities, compensation, benefits, and contact information.
  • Notify all applicants individually of their status.
  • Respond to all candidates within agreed upon time frames and give reasonable notice (a minimum of three days is recommended) of any interview cancellations.
  • Advise students of compensation for site or interview visits.
  • Honour all offers of employment.
  • On-campus interviews should begin no earlier than those set out in our recruitment calendar.

Job offers

  • Provide a reasonable amount of time for students to respond to job offers.
  • Confirm job offers and terms of employment in writing to students.
  • Inform career services regularly of the status of your campaign.
  • Honour all offers of employment.
  • Full-time job offers to students obtained through on-campus recruitment should have a minimum of two weeks for an acceptance deadline
  • Job offers to summer students are not subject to any minimum acceptance date rules; however, it is recommended that a minimum of one week be provided for job offer acceptance.

Retracting employment offers

Legal and policy context

Rotman Commerce works within a framework that aims to support the interests of the University of Toronto, our corporate partners, and our students and alumni.

Our campus recruitment activities respect and comply with the following:

  • Employment Standards Act of Ontario, including the Ontario Ministry of Labour guidance with respect to unpaid internships in Ontario
  • Ontario Human Rights Commission
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • Employer Policy: For- Profit / Tutoring Organizations
    • All employers wishing to advertise job postings with Rotman Commerce must meet the Ontario Employment Standards. For-profit education or tutoring organizations cannot request or require students, employed with you or not, to produce personal or copyrighted classroom materials. “Classroom materials” include any lectures, laboratories, seminars, instructor-distributed class notes and/or slides, video content (pre-recorded or from class) assignments, assessments, tests, examinations and any other University-sanctioned learning (including face-to-face and virtual) in which course content is delivered. Students in breach of sharing copyrighted material will be subject to disciplinary actions within the University. Employers using stated materials are subject to restricted student access and legal consequences that are outside of the responsibility of the University. Additionally, for-profit education or tutoring organizations cannot use a student’s status to obtain and use University of Toronto space, resources or real estate free-of-charge for their operational purposes. To book University space, see room rental rates and review policies, please see  Academic Campus + Events, University of Toronto.
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