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Technical Training

Technical training is now available to RC students in two formats, virtual workshops and online self-paced learning modules.  All of the offerings have been thoughtfully curated with our student audience in mind. Most offerings listed below are free, however, some do have associated costs.

Learn new skills with instructor-led workshops by registering for live virtual sessions. Offered by the TD Management Data and Analytics Lab

The online resources listed below allow users the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their own time. Excel training modules/tutorials are in categories for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. Python Offered by the TD Management Data and Analytics Lab

  • Python analytics Software List You will learn to use various analytics tools and programming languages during your study at Rotman. A list of programming languages together with download links and getting-started resources are available.
  • Python online resources The introductory Python workshop is designed for beginners with some or no prior knowledge of coding. The workshop materials provide a good overview of the advantages of coding in Python and its increasing popularity in data science for tasks including data manipulation, machine learning, web scraping and text mining, as well as more generally in web design and software development. Explore the fundamentals of Python programming and look at a real example of performing an end-to-end data analysis task using Python’s pandas and numpy libraries. Dig a bit further into Python data structures such as lists, dictionaries and conditionals.

Data visualization Offered by the University of Toronto Map & Data Library

Advanced Valuation

  • Valuation Class (advanced) on Damodaran and YouTube Known as the “the Dean of Valuation,” Prof. Aswath provides his expertise on many valuation approaches and theoretical and empirical support to these approaches. He is also an author of many publications and books about corporate finance and valuation. Instructor: Prof. Aswath Damodaran from NYU Stern Price/Access: free (online lecture videos and lecture notes) Valuation Class on Damodaran Online Damodaran Valuation Class Lectures on Youtube
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