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Engage with Rotman Commerce

Creating a strong brand on campus helps you attract the most talented students to your organization.

Our Career Services team works with you to create the right opportunities to increase brand awareness among our students and highlight all that your organization has to offer.

From sponsoring and supporting student-led events and activities, to hosting career events, to participating as alumni in on-campus programming, Rotman Commerce Career Services can help you achieve strong brand recognition on campus.

Interested in learning more about how to get involved in the opportunities below? Reach out to your Relationship Manager directly or email

Host a site visit

We take select groups of students on Career Treks to visit organizations, allowing you to meet our students in-person. Contact your Relationship Manager to learn more.

Upcoming Career Treks

  • Silicon Valley Trek (November 2019)
  • Toronto Accounting Trek (November 2019)
  • NYC Finance Trek (February 2020)
  • Toronto Finance Trek (March 2020)
  • Toronto Sales/Marketing Trek (March 2020)

Participate in an industry program

Our industry programs can cater to both year of study as well as field of interest and can be as general as resumé workshops or as specific as the Management Consulting Alumni Program, Career Forum or Ask the Expert Series.

We’re always looking for industry professionals to contribute to the education and experiential learning objectives of these programs.

This year we’re offering:

  • Management Consulting Alumni Program
  • Careers in Capital Markets
  • Careers in Accounting
  • Careers in Sales and Marketing
  • Ask the Expert Series
  • Women in Capital Markets: Demystifying the world of Capital Markets
  • Proctor & Gamble: Practice your Pitch
  • HSBC: How to Build a Career in Commercial Banking
  • Google: Effective Communication and Networking when looking for a Job
  • McKinsey: Problem Solving in the Workplace

Host employer office hours

Meet with Rotman Commerce students on campus or online via webinar for quick one-on-one or small group sessions. Office hours provide employers with an opportunity to provide advice about interviews and job search strategies, review students’ resumes or address general questions about their companies and/or industries.

Support a student group

Rotman Commerce is proud to support a number of student-led organizations. Student groups are critical to building our students’ knowledge, skills and network.

They provide opportunities throughout the year for corporate partners to share industry knowledge and connect with targeted groups of candidates from our student community in a variety of ways.

Participating in or sponsoring student-led events is an excellent way to increase your brand awareness within the student population and to connect directly with students prior to recruitment.

Learn more about Rotman Commerce student organizations.

For more details on student organizations, please contact Sheri Browne, Assistant Director, Student Life, at

Take part in a career connection activity

At our Career Connections events, Rotman Commerce students practice their networking skills and build relationships with potential employers and alumni. Career Connections can take the form of industry mixers, panels or networking events, and are great opportunities to connect with our students while helping them develop core skills that will last a lifetime.

This year we’re offering:

  • Career Forum
  • Career Connections:  Fintech, Technology, Innovation
  • Career Connections: Insurance and Real Estate
  • Career Connections: Sports and Entertainment
  • Career Connections: Government and the Non-Profit Sector
  • Career Connections: Start Ups/Entrepreneurship
  • Career Connections: Rotational/Leadership Programs
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