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Our Program

At Rotman Commerce, you’ll have the benefit of diversifying your undergraduate degree, while also building a foundation in the fundamentals of business from day one. Through your required and recommended introductory courses, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to chart a path through one of our three specialist streams – Accounting, Finance & Economics, and Management.

As a Rotman Commerce student, you’re also part of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Arts & Science, one of the most comprehensive and diverse faculties among universities worldwide. You’ll enrich your business degree with courses ranging from the humanities to the sciences to complement a world-class business education for you to be ready for anything.

Program Map

Year 1

All students accepted into first-year Rotman Commerce studies are guaranteed admission to the program, provided they meet the minimum grade requirements for the required courses below in order to satisfy the conditions of your guaranteed admission to the Rotman Commerce program.

Required courses

  • RSM100H Introduction to Management
  • ECO101H Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECO102H Principles of Macroeconomics
  • MAT133Y Calculus and Linear Algebra OR  MAT137Y1 ,  MAT157Y1 OR  MAT135H1  ANDMAT136H1 , 

We also strongly recommend that students take three other courses in their first year. These courses are required for your degree, and can help you gain a deeper understanding of key areas of business so you can decide how you want to specialize in your upper years.


  • RSM219H Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • RSM230H Financial Markets
  • RSM250H Principles of Marketing

Years 2 through 4

At the beginning of your second year, you will choose to specialize in Management, Accounting, or Finance & Economics.

What courses you take in your upper-year studies will depend on the specialist you choose. Each specialist has a combination of specific required courses, required elective courses, and optional elective courses. This ensures that you develop both the depth and breadth of knowledge required to prepare you for a meaningful and successful career.

It is also in your upper years that you can take advantage of opportunities that are exclusively available to Rotman Commerce students. Spend your summers studying abroad at one of our partner universities or gaining practical work experience by leveraging the support of our comprehensive Career Services. Our engaging student clubs and extracurricular programs will help you to grow within the community as you build relationships with your classmates and future colleagues. However you wish to optimize your time at Rotman Commerce, our dedicated staff will be there to support your success.

Our Classes

The Rotman Commerce classroom is a vibrant place to learn from respected researchers, expert teachers, and industry professionals. Depending on the subject matter, your classes will be taught in a variety of ways that encompass lectures, guest speakers, case studies, work-integrated, and peer learning. You’ll have a chance to demonstrate your knowledge through a mix of group projects, presentations, essays, interviews, tests, and exams.

You’ll also have access to the Rotman School’s state-of-the-art Financial Research and Trading Lab, along with some of the Rotman School’s innovative course offerings, such as the Creative Destruction Lab, Design Thinking, Leading Across Differences, and Behavioural Economics.

Moreover, our upper-year courses are capped at 55 students – and many are much smaller – which means that you’ll have the benefit of small classes that allow for a deeper exploration and discussion of the subject.

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