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We believe that an outstanding business education begins with outstanding teachers. That’s why in our classrooms, you’ll be taught by some of the brightest and most innovative researchers from the prestigious Rotman School of Management and the internationally renowned Faculty of Arts & Science at the University of Toronto.

At Rotman Commerce, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, experience, and network to help you reach your goals – whether your future lies in entrepreneurship, accounting, financial analysis, investment banking, marketing, or another field. With a BCom from Rotman Commerce under your belt, you’ll be ready for anything.

Before I offered my new course on catastrophic failure in organizations to my MBA students, I was able to develop it with my undergraduate Rotman Commerce students, and they made invaluable and lasting contributions to the course. Learning from business failures and other organizational meltdowns requires a great deal of maturity and insight into organizational behaviour and the Rotman Commerce students exceeded my expectations. I was able to learn a lot from them not only about how to structure and deliver the course but also about core aspects of the subject matter. I was so pleased with the way the students raised important questions and were never afraid to poke holes in my arguments, making this a truly collective journey.

Andras Tilcsik

Assistant Professor, Strategic Management
Rotman School of Management