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First-Year Learning Communities (FLCs)

Making the jump from high school to university is exciting and sometimes a little overwhelming. To make it easier, all first-year Rotman Commerce students are automatically enrolled in a First-Year Learning Community, or FLC for short.

FLC is a co-curricular program – meaning that it’s not for credit. There’s no homework and no pressure. It’s just a way for us to support your success in first year by helping you develop skills and make connections. Even though it’s not for credit, it is an integral part of your first year at Rotman Commerce and you will receive a notation on your academic record upon completion!

Each FLC has between 25 to 30 members and is a great way to meet your classmates, make friends, form study groups and develop academic and personal skills that will help you adjust to university life. You’ll also get an intro to the resources, opportunities, culture and benefits of the campus and its surrounding community – all in a laid-back, student-led atmosphere.

Upper-year peer mentors lead the FLCs – they’re third and fourth-year Rotman Commerce students who have been in your shoes and know what it’s like to be in first year. They want to help you make friends in your classes, so you’ll always know people who can support you in your studies!

For 2022-23, we’re excited to be returning to our in-person FLC program. Given the time everyone has spent online in the past few years, it’s more important than ever to get involved with FLC and connect with your classmates and the Rotman Commerce community at the start of the year!

Your FLC group will meet every other week. After you’ve enrolled in your courses in July, we will enroll you in a FLC group that does not conflict with any of your chosen courses. We’ll send you your schedule in mid-August. Most FLCs take place Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 2-3:30 PM.

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