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First-year course enrolment

For new Rotman Commerce students with Guaranteed Admission (GA):

The first-year required and recommended courses total 4.0 credits. If you’re in first year, you can also choose 1.0 credit of electives. The normal full-time course load is 5.0 credits per year, although any student enrolled in 3.0+ credits is a full-time student.

First-year Rotman Commerce students may enrol in 200-level RSM courses over the summer (pending class space) as long as they have completed the Rotman Commerce Guaranteed Admission (GA) requirements by April.

All first-year Rotman Commerce students must enrol in the four first-year required courses (2.5 credits):  

  • RSM100H1: Introduction to Management
  • ECO101H1: Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECO102H1: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • MAT133Y1: Calculus and Linear Algebra

You should also enrol in three recommended courses (1.5 credits):  

  • RSM219H1: Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • RSM230H1: Financial Markets
  • RSM250H1: Principles of Marketing

You aren’t required to take the recommended courses in first year, but we strongly recommend doing so. If you don’t take them in first-year, you will need to take them over summer and/or in second year as part of your program requirements. By taking these courses in first year, students are able to gain a deeper understanding of the core business subjects, which helps them to select a specialist program for second year.

The required first-year courses must be completed as part of the Rotman Commerce Guaranteed Admission (GA)  requirements.

For information on choosing your elective course in first year, please see the section on Choosing your courses.

You can find detailed instructions about how to enrol in courses on ACORN here.

High-school transfer credits 

In some cases, you may receive a high school transfer credit equivalent to MAT133Y1 or its exclusions. If so, this high school math credit can be used towards the Rotman Commerce program/GA requirements. However, students will not generally receive a transfer credit for Economics that is the exact equivalent of ECO101H + ECO102H. To satisfy the GA requirements, you must specifically have these two courses. Generic Economics credits (eg. ECO1**H, ECO1**Y) will not satisfy our program entry requirements.

More information on school transfer credit equivalencies is available on the A&S website.

Majors and minors

If you are planning to pursue other programs (majors/minors) along with a Rotman Commerce specialist, you should refer to the specific program requirements listed in the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar to find the first-year required/recommended courses for your intended program. Consult your College Registrar’s Office if you have any questions.

Program enrolment

You can find information about enrolment in a Rotman Commerce specialist here.

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