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How to prepare

If you’re interested in gaining a global perspective on business, take advantage of the extensive international study opportunities that the U of T  Centre for International Experience (CIE) offers. There are a variety of full-year, single-semester, or summer exchange programs. Picture yourself at one of our many prestigious partner universities while earning credits towards your degree! 

This page will take you step-by-step through the preparation for your international exchange and the course pre-assessment process leading to transfer credits. 


  1. Centre for International Experience (CIE) - 33 St. George St.
    The CIE is a meeting place for a diverse community of international students coming to U of T and students looking to go abroad. On the Learning Abroad Exchange Program site, you can find a wealth of opportunities. The Exchange Program Office offers general advising and can be contacted via email at
  2. Rotman Commerce website 
    Learn more about the Rotman Commerce preferred partner schools.  Review the FAQs and the list of previously approved RSM courses from preferred partner schools.
  3. Rotman Commerce Academic Services Office - 125 St. George St.
    Book an appointment with an Academic Advisor to review your program progression and ask general questions about going on exchange as a Rotman Commerce student. 
  4. Host institution’s website
    A lot of information about student life, housing and much more can be found on your host institution’s website. If you’re an outbound student, your host institution’s website can easily be found through a Google search. If you’re an inbound student, you can visit the Rotman Commerce website or the CIE website for more information.  

Using these resources, students can gather information about bursaries, scholarships, housing, application requirements and much more. Before you go on exchange, it’s important to create a plan, including a budget, and to apply for funding if necessary. More information about the costs of going on exchange and funding opportunities can be found here.

Your application begins on the Learning Abroad website, where you apply for U of T to nominate you to go on exchange. The steps are as follows:  

  1. Review the application page and log in to the CIE Student Portal to clarify which documents you will require, as this can vary by student. 
  2. Assemble your application. Prepare to upload a resume and answer questions about your motivations for Learning Abroad. (Tip: contact RC Career Services or your College Writing Centre for help.) 
  3. Your application will also include your profile information, preferred destination and preferred term/semester, and a list of your proposed courses.
    NOTE: these are not necessarily the final courses you will be taking at your host institution. 
  4. OPTIONAL: use the same application to apply for funding. Be prepared to provide additional information such as amount of financial help/scholarships received, parental income, personal statement, etc.  

Once you have received your nomination, you will receive a checklist outlining the application requirements of your host University. 

Once you have been accepted to your host institution, there are some important things left to do! In particular: 

  1. Attend a Safety Abroad Workshop.
  2. Read the Transfer Credit Guidelines and Rules.
  3. Read Exchange Programs: Types of Transfer Credits to understand how transfer credits can help with program progression.
  4. Review the Course Pre-Assessment Request Form Checklist before completing the Course Pre-Assessment Request form.
  5. Complete the Course Pre-Assessment Request form. Review previously approved RSM courses by host institution.
  6. For courses outside of Rotman Commerce, use Transfer Explorer to review previously approved non-RSM courses.  
  7. Register in the Safety Abroad Database.

That’s it – you’ve met all your requirements and you’re ready to go! Get ready to have the time of your life! 

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