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Exchange FAQs

Some common questions about exchanges are listed below. If yours isn’t here, contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Or, get in touch with the CIE – their staff can help in providing specific information about the exchange experience. 

The minimum requirement is a CGPA of 2.25. However, depending on your school of choice, and how competitive it is, this can vary. 

There are no additional administrative fees. In terms of tuition, you pay the same tuition you would normally pay at U of T. The additional costs associated with studying abroad are your living costs as well as the cost of travelling to and from your destination. There are many grants available for students through the CIE and most students receive at least one grant to assist them with their studies abroad. 

Sure! You can take any courses you like, however, as a Rotman Commerce student, you will still pay the Rotman Commerce program fee, even if you’re taking non-business courses (similar to taking non-RSM courses at U of T). 

With the help of the Centre for International Experience and the Rotman Commerce Office (for RSM courses), you can find equivalents for courses you are interested in at your school of choice. You will need to submit a request for pre-assessment of your intended courses. Once your courses are pre-assessed/approved, you are guaranteed to receive a U of T credit for the course(s), provided that you earn a passing grade. 

Even though you receive transfer credits for approved courses you complete abroad, no grades appear on your U of T transcript. Instead, you will receive a transcript from your international school of study, which you can include in any future job/school applications. 

The Centre for International Experience does not send any partner schools more student applications than there are spots. As such, if you were accepted for your school of choice by the CIE, you will most likely also be accepted by your school of choice as well. 

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