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For faculty

CPS supports the teaching of professional skills across the curriculum through embedded learning interventions

The Centre for Professional Skills is an innovative hub within Rotman Commerce that seeks to develop students’ professional skills so that they are well equipped to succeed after graduation. Our team can help you incorporate skill-development opportunities into your courses. 

We assist faculty directly with in-course learning support tailored to course professional skills objectives. And we support every RC student in developing a core suite of professional skills by embedding our programing in both courses and co-curricular activities throughout the four years of the BCom degree. 

CPS also provides funding for additional TA hours to support the development of targeted professional skills in your courses through the TAHPS program (TA Hours for Professional Skills). Please visit our TAHPS page for additional information. 

The supports CPS provides to faculty include: 

Teaching design

  • Syllabus consultation  
  • Assignment design & alignment with professional skills objectives 
  • Asynchronous module design for professional skills

Teaching resources

  • TA support and training 
  • Synchronous workshops 
  • 1:1 and group coaching for students  
  • Video resources 
  • Rubrics  
  • How-to guides  

Do you have an idea for developing students’ professional skills? The CPS team can help you build it into your course and offer tailor-made resources to achieve your learning objectives.  Please email the Centre for Professional Skills (rotmancommerce.cps at the U of T domain).

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