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Meet the Teamwork Mentors

Teamwork Mentors are recent alumni of Rotman Commerce. With years of experience working in teams for courses and co-curricular activities, they can support you in developing effective teamwork skills and strategies.

Teamwork mentors work at arms-length from course instructors to provide a space for you and your team to discuss communication strategies or troubleshoot conflict. They can provide support on:    

  • Dividing workloads and ensuring equal contribution from each member.
  • Facilitating discussions and managing conflict around team timelines, unmet expectations, or inadequate work.
  • Improving communication, particularly when navigating a remote work academic environment.
  • Ensuring all group members are aware of academic integrity guidelines (e.g. properly attributing sources) and following them.
  • Helping team member(s) who feel left out or not included in the team.

Book an appointment with one of our Teamwork Mentors through or send an email to

Harini Wijeyakumar – Lead Teamwork Mentor

Harini Wijeyakumar graduated from Rotman Commerce in June 2022 with a Specialist in Management, with focuses in Leadership in Organizations and Strategy and Innovation. She’s currently a Partnerships Marketing Specialist at Starbucks. She has experience working in numerous marketing, media, and tech roles. Thus, she’s exhilarated to bring forward the strong teamwork and conflict management skills she has developed to this position as Teamwork Mentor. She believes that successful teamwork can be achieved through leveraging each other’s differences while practicing patience, empathy, and compassion.

Maria Kotob – Lead Teamwork Mentor

Maria Kotob is a Rotman Commerce alumna who graduated in June 2022 and specialized in Management with focuses in Marketing and Leadership in Organizations, as well as an Economic minor. She currently works at Wunderman Thompson as a Project Coordinator and looks forward to bringing the insights she’s learned as a student and as a professional, to help make a positive teamwork environment. Experiencing different roles and responsibilities in her current position, Maria has quickly learned the benefits of empathy and communication. She believes that the most rewarding teamwork experiences come from integrity, compassion, and balance.

Benjamin George

Benjamin George is a graduate of the Rotman Commerce program, with a specialization in Management and focuses in Leadership, Strategy, and International Business. While partaking in the RC Houses community as coordinator and mentor, Benjamin also interned at tech companies like Microsoft and Oracle, which helped him land his current job as a consultant at IBM. Through his varied professional and extra-curricular leadership experiences, Benjamin has refined his problem-solving and communication skills, which he plans on employing while working as a teamwork mentor. As a strong believer in fostering empathetic relationships, Benjamin hopes to work alongside students to inspire positive and collaborative team environments.

Claudia Flis

Claudia Flis graduated from Rotman Commerce in June 2023 with a Specialist in Management, focusing in Finance, Marketing, and Strategy and Innovation. She currently works at Infotek Consulting as an Account Manager. With a variety of experiences across the finance, marketing, and consulting industries, she looks forward to bringing these insights to her role as a Teamwork Mentor to facilitate a positive teamwork environment. She believes that the most fulfilling team collaborations arise from collective efforts to establish a setting that integrates perspectives from all participants. This is enhanced by prioritizing empathy, transparent communication, and patience.

Julia Dixon

Julia Dixon graduated from Rotman Commerce in June 2023 with a Specialist in Accounting and Minor in Economics. She is currently working at EY in the audit practice and has completed two summer internships at the firm. During undergrad, Julia had a variety of teamwork experiences in Rotman student groups and on the Varsity Dance Team. These diverse experiences taught her the importance of approaching teamwork with an open mind and respect, ultimately making collaborative efforts more rewarding.

Kate Fan

Kate Fan graduated from Rotman Commerce in June 2023 with a Specialist in Management. Her involvement with her local community and work experiences have allowed her to collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds. She was previously the President of the Rotman Commerce Sustainable Business Club and will be starting at Deloitte. Kate possesses a deep understanding of effective team dynamics, communication strategies, and conflict resolution.

Omar M’Hiri

Omar M’Hiri graduated from Rotman Commerce in December of 2021 with a Specialist in Management, with a focus on Leadership in Organizations, completing his studies in 3.5 years. He’s currently a 3L student at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and will be continuing his employment at Miller Thomson as an Articling Student this coming summer. This is the third year Omar has joined our team of mentors and has advised students through a very wide variety of challenges. Omar prides himself on guiding students through complex issues in ways that leverage their strengths and give them the opportunity to work on their weaknesses.

Oscar Li

Oscar Li is a Rotman Commerce Alumni from the class of 23’ who specialized in Finance and Economics. He is currently pursuing a law degree from the University of Ottawa and putting what he learned during his time at Rotman to good use. Having been a Residence Don for Woodsworth, a Mentor for RC Houses, and many other roles within UofT, Oscar is no stranger to mentorship and looks forward to helping foster positive team relations. From his experience, he believes teamwork can be done best through open-minded communication, empathy, and adaptability.

Owen Meunier

My name is Owen Meunier, and I am a graduate student and course instructor at the University of Toronto pursuing a Master’s in German Literature, Culture, and Theory and teaching Beginner’s German. By way of background, I graduated from my Bachelor of Commerce in June of 2023. During my bachelor’s degree studies I specialized in Management with a focus in International Business and Leadership in Organizations. I further completed a double minor in German Studies and Economics. My research interests include machine-based translation and evolutionary linguistics. I was a raised in Northern Ontario which made me eager to travel the world and experience different cultures. Through my travels, I developed a musical ear for languages which inspired my studies in the Spanish and German language. On a separate note, through my past work experiences in law and project management, I have worked with diverse teams from around the world. I appreciate teamwork as different perspectives nurture the health of a discipline. I look forward to working with Rotman Commerce students this academic year and guide them towards success with their team projects.

Skyla Mercer

Skyla Mercer graduated from Rotman Commerce in June 2023 with a Specialist in Accounting and a Minor in Economics. After two summer internships at KPMG, she now works at the firm in the audit practice. With a variety of teamwork experience in undergrad through student clubs and group projects, paired with experience working in professional environments, Skyla has learned the importance of effective communication, time management, as well as respect for others’ opinions, in order to create an environment conducive to success.

Zimman Yousuf

Zimman Yousuf graduated from Rotman Commerce in June 2023 with a specialist in accounting and a minor in economics. She’s currently an associate consultant at Capco. Prior to her career, Zimman worked in several fields including sales, marketing, strategy, auditing, and asset management. These experiences allowed her to discover new methodologies on resolving conflicting and making teamwork thrive. With a focus on empathy and diversified thinking, she believes that the ability to improve one aspect of a team will allow for a domino effect in success.

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