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Meet the Teamwork Mentors

Teamwork Mentors are recent alumni of Rotman Commerce. With years of experience working in teams for courses and co-curricular activities, they can support you in developing effective teamwork skills and strategies.

Teamwork mentors work at arms-length from course instructors to provide a space for you and your team to discuss communication strategies or troubleshoot conflict. They can provide support on:    

  • Dividing workloads and ensuring equal contribution from each member.
  • Facilitating discussions and managing conflict around team timelines, unmet expectations, or inadequate work.
  • Improving communication, particularly when navigating a remote work academic environment.
  • Ensuring all group members are aware of academic integrity guidelines (e.g. properly attributing sources) and following them.
  • Helping team member(s) who feel left out or not included in the team.

Book an appointment with one of our Teamwork Mentors by sending an email to with the course code and team number in the subject line of the email.

Maria Kotob – Lead Teamwork Mentor

Maria Kotob is a Rotman Commerce alumna who graduated in June 2022 and specialized in Management with focuses in Marketing and Leadership in Organizations, as well as an Economics minor. She currently works at VML as an Account Executive and looks forward to bringing the insights she’s learned as a student and as a professional, to help make a positive teamwork environment. Experiencing different roles and responsibilities in her current position, Maria has quickly learned the benefits of empathy and communication. She believes that the most rewarding teamwork experiences come from integrity, compassion, and balance.

Benjamin George

Benjamin George is a graduate of the Rotman Commerce program, with a specialization in Management and focuses in Leadership, Strategy, and International Business. While partaking in the RC Houses community as coordinator and mentor, Benjamin also interned at tech companies like Microsoft and Oracle, which helped him land his current job as a consultant at IBM. Through his varied professional and extra-curricular leadership experiences, Benjamin has refined his problem-solving and communication skills, which he plans on employing while working as a teamwork mentor. As a strong believer in fostering empathetic relationships, Benjamin hopes to work alongside students to inspire positive and collaborative team environments.

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