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Meet the Teamwork Mentors

Teamwork Mentors are current upper-year students or recent alumni of Rotman Commerce. With years of experience working in teams for courses and co-curricular activities, they can support you in developing effective teamwork skills and strategies.

Teamwork mentors work at arms-length from course instructors to provide a space for you and your team to discuss communication strategies or troubleshoot conflict. They can provide support on:    

  • Dividing workloads and ensuring equal contribution from each member.
  • Facilitating discussions and managing conflict around team timelines, unmet expectations, or inadequate work.
  • Improving communication, particularly when navigating a remote work academic environment.
  • Ensuring all group members are aware of academic integrity guidelines (e.g. properly attributing sources) and following them.
  • Helping team member(s) who feel left out or not included in the team.

Book an appointment with one of our Teamwork Mentors through or send an email to


Oreoluwa Aminu

Ore Aminu graduated from Rotman Commerce in June 2022 and specialized in Finance and Economics. During her time as an undergraduate student, she participated in several school clubs and competed in case competitions with the Rotman Commerce Case Competition Team. Through her experiences she has built collaboration skills and is excited about making a meaningful contribution by supporting other Rotman Commerce students. She currently works at the Royal Bank of Canada as a Senior Business Analyst. Her biggest tip for effective teamwork is communication and setting clear expectations.

Katie Gay

Katie Gay is a Rotman Commerce alumna who graduated with a specialization in management focusing in leadership in organizations in 2022. During her time at Rotman Commerce, she was Director of Corporate Relations for the Rotman Commerce Innovation Group, Co-founder of Blues in Commerce, and Captain of the Varsity Blues Rowing Team. She now works as a consulting analyst at Accenture in downtown Toronto. Her best tip for a successful team is to understand each team member’s strengths, passions and schedules early on! 

Brandon Hsu

Brandon Hsu is a Rotman Commerce alumnus who completed a Management specialization and graduated in June 2020. He’s currently in his 1L year studying at the University of Baltimore School of Law and has had prior work experience in insurance and strategy. Having worked with various teams to help support student development, he hopes to share key conflict management and communication strategies to maximize benefits of working within a team. His best tip for effective teamwork is to open your ears before you open your mouth at the first sign of trouble.

Vansh Kapoor

Vansh Kapoor graduated from Rotman Commerce in June 2021, completing a specialist in management with focuses in Marketing and Strategy & Innovation. He currently works in advertising and has a background in marketing and social media having worked with clients from a variety of industries like fashion, tech, cosmetics, and sports. Vansh was a recipient of the 2021 Rotman Commerce Director’s Award for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and places emphasis on accessibility in academia. He believes that successful teamwork can be achieved through compassion, understanding, and with the presence of a clear group goal.

Maria Kotob

Maria Kotob is a Rotman Commerce alumna who graduated in June 2022 and specialized in Management with a focus in Marketing and Leadership in Organization, as well as an Economic minor. She currently works as a Project Coordinator and looks forward to bringing the insights she’s learned as a student and as a professional, to help make a positive teamwork environment. Participating in several student groups during her time at Rotman Commerce, and applying her learnings to her current experience, Maria has quickly learned the benefits of empathy and communication.

Reyanna Lambie

Reyanna Lambie graduated from Rotman Commerce in 2022 with a Management Specialist, focusing on Strategy, Leadership, and Marketing. Throughout her tenure at UofT, Rey was heavily involved in numerous student life opportunities. Most notably, as the former two-time President of Rotman Commerce Students in Sports (RCSS), as a Leading Across Differences Teaching Assistant, and as part of the Varsity Blues Staff. These roles have given her tremendous experience in teamwork and leadership. As a Teamwork Mentor, Rey strives to give back to the RC community by supporting students in their time working in teams in and out of the classroom.

Razan Mahmoud

Razan Mahmoud is a recent graduate of Rotman Commerce and pursued a Business Management degree with a minor in Economics. During her time at Rotman Commerce, she worked alongside her professor as a Research Assistant to research and analyze behavioral studies. Prior to that, she took on a marketing role with Rotman Commerce Women in Business to implement innovative ideas to create a space for students to connect with industry professionals.

Alexia Menchella

Alexia Menchella had recently graduated from Rotman Commerce this past June, specializing in finance and economics. For the past two and a half years, she worked alongside professors from the University of Toronto and Northwestern to investigate and analyze behavioural studies concerning cognitive and emotional analysis. Alexia is utterly fascinated by all aspects of research and, ultimately, sees great value in applying herself to unveiling new findings. In each of her personal and professional experiences, she has learned how much more we can accomplish together. The best piece of teamwork advice: create a strong sense of commitment, set clear goals, and do not underestimate the power of diverse perspectives.

Omar M’Hiri

Omar M’Hiri is a Rotman Commerce graduate, completing a Specialist in Management and Finance with a Minor in Economics in January 2021. Omar is presently studying at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, working towards his JD. In his years as a Rotman Commerce student, Omar worked closely with student faith and diversity groups at universities and colleges across the province, developing key communication and leadership skills. When it comes to working in a team, Omar emphasizes listening first and consciously developing your team culture.


Jasmine Mok

Jasmine Mok graduated from Rotman Commerce in June 2021 as a Management Specialist. She currently works in HR at Colliers, and is also pursuing a postgraduate degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resources. During her time at Rotman, Jasmine gained extensive teamwork and leadership experience from participating in case competitions, leading student groups and working in the Registrar’s office. Her best tip? Active listening, be empathetic, and communicate expectations.

Heather Ngo

Heather graduated from Rotman Commerce with a Management specialist and Marketing and Strategy focuses in June 2021. As a prior Residence Don and current brand manager at Procter & Gamble, Heather has worked with complex problems and dynamic teams. Her biggest tips for winning teamwork is to (1) establish expectations early, (2) communicate honestly, and (3) be open-minded and understanding of others to seek solutions to enable the team to work together!

Sofia Schmidt

Sofia Schmidt graduated from Rotman Commerce in 2020 with a focus in Leadership in Organizations and a minor in French. As a Teamwork Mentor and a Campus Recruiter, Sofia has developed extensive experience solving team problems and working with students. Her best tip? Communicate effectively with your team!

Harini Wijeyakumar

Harini Wijeyakumar graduated from Rotman Commerce in June 2022 with a Specialist in Management, focusing on Leadership in Organizations and Strategy and Innovation. She’s currently in the M2T Collective Rotational Program, working at LinkedIn, Starbucks, Zenith (Publicis Media), and EQ Works. During her time at Rotman Commerce, she’s worked numerous roles within the finance, wealth management, and consulting sectors. Thus, she’s exhilarated to bring forward the strong teamwork and conflict management skills she has developed through her past internships, extracurriculars, and class projects to this position as Teamwork Mentor. She believes that successful teamwork can be achieved through leveraging each other’s differences while practicing patience, empathy, and compassion.

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