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Tuition and fees

First-year studies

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)  enter the University as first year students in the Faculty of Arts & Science with Guaranteed Admission (GA) to the Rotman Commerce program. Students enrolled in Arts & Science do not officially enter a program of study until their second year (or after they have completed 4.0+ credits). Therefore, first year students planning to study in Rotman Commerce pay the same tuition as all other Arts & Science students in their first year.

For complete details on First Year fees, please refer to the Faculty of Arts & Science’s information on Fees Calculation and Assessment.

Second year onwards

Starting in second year, Rotman Commerce students pay a set full-time program fee for a full-time course load (3.0-6.0 credits) in Fall/Winter session, whether a student is full-time (3.0+ credits) in Fall term only, Winter term only or across both terms.

Rotman Commerce has deregulated tuition fees that are higher than the regular Arts & Science fees. Students pay these higher tuition fees until they complete their BCom degree (which may include courses taken after their program requirements have been completed).

Students who attend part-time (0.5-2.5 credits over the full Fall/Winter session) pay fees per course. The course fee for 0.5 credit is 1/10 of the Rotman Commerce program fee. Summer session fees, both full-time and part-time, are charged on a per course basis.

For complete details on Rotman Commerce fees in second year an beyond, please refer to the Faculty of Arts & Science’s information on Deregulated fee Programs: Rotman Commerce.

* New for Fall 2023* – Changes to Rotman Commerce Fees and Refunds

Starting in Fall 2023, Rotman Commerce students have a new Refund Schedule that mirrors the refund schedules for all other Arts & Science programs. This is a positive change that will allow more flexibility for students who plan to pursue internships in one term of the year, either Fall or Winter, or who need to reduce/remove their Winter enrollment due to unforeseen circumstances.

At the start of each Fall/Winter session, students are charged the full-time program fee. If a student intends to attend part-time only for the year, they may make a Tuition Fees Assessment Change Request to adjust their fees to part-time after enrolling in 2.5 credits or less during the Fall/Winter course enrollment period (July – Sept.). Requests should only be made if students are certain they will enroll in no more than 2.5 credits for the year (including waitlists). Students may opt to remain as full-time students, to retain the option to add themselves to waitlists or additional or back-up courses. All students who are eligible to pay per course fees will be adjusted automatically by the Faculty of Arts and Science after the last day to add courses in January.

Calculation of course load for fees purposes

There will now be two key dates for Rotman Commerce fees assessment (as for all other A&S students).  The dates for 2024-25 are:

September 16, 2024 Program/course fee freeze date (F and Y courses)
January 17, 2025 Program/Course fee freeze date (S courses)

Course Load Count: F + Y courses as of the last day to add F + Y courses in September + S courses as of the last day to add S courses in January = Course Load Count for tuition assessment purposes

3.0 – 6.0 credits = Program fee

0.5 – 2.5 credits = Course fees

*Please note: Dropping courses after the last day to add in either term, will not change your course load count.*

Retroactive fees

Students who enter Rotman Commerce from outside of the Guaranteed Admission stream or who are granted an extension of their Guaranteed Admission are charged retroactively for all courses completed after the session in which they finished their fourth credit, including any transfer credits awarded. Students will see these fees posted to their financial account once they accept an invitation to a Rotman Commerce specialist program via ACORN. Please speak to Rotman Commerce Academic Services with any questions about retroactive fees.


  • Current Tuition and Refund Schedules
  • Tuition Fee Schedules – Planning and Budget
    Fees are determined by the Office of the Vice-President and Provost at the University of Toronto. Future fees and policies on tuition increases are posted here.
  • Student Accounts website – Fees are managed by U of T Student Accounts, who are responsible for posting tuition and incidental fees, processing payments, issuing refunds and applying service charges. Full information on fees and refunds, including information on making payments and service charges are found on this site.
  • RC Portal – Students should always consult an RC Academic Advisor to review fees consequences  when deciding on or making changes to their course load for the session.
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