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Scholarships and awards

The University of Toronto has an extensive scholarship program to recognize outstanding achievements at all levels of study. Approximately 1500 admission scholarships and over 2300 in-course scholarships are awarded every year.

Award Explorer provides a summary of the scholarships and awards available at U of T. When searching the repository, Rotman Commerce students are encouraged to search for the keyword “commerce”. For help with using Award Explorer, please consult the Award Explorer Frequently Asked Questions.

We also recommend searching for awards offered by your College, and for keywords related to your activities and personal profile. Scholarship and award opportunities that are available through the Faculty of Arts & Science and your College are also summarized on the A&S website; opportunities available through Enrolment Services are summarized on the Enrolment Services website.

Some scholarships and awards are exclusively for Rotman Commerce students. Students are automatically considered for many of these awards (no application required); however, others will be advertised to students via email or within the RC Ready newsletter and will require an application. Refer to our list of application-based scholarships and awards for more information.

Rotman Commerce students are also encouraged to research external scholarship opportunities.  Where applicable, they will be advertised here.

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