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Starting other groups

Instead of a Rotman Commerce student group, you might also consider starting a U of T group or a Rotman Commerce affiliated group.

U of T Groups

You can view a list of all recognized University of Toronto groups on the Student Organization Portal.

To start a new U of T group, you will need to apply for campus recognition through the Student Organization Portal. Recognition by the University of Toronto affords groups the following privileges:

  • The right to use the University’s name in conjunction with your activities. Only officially recognized campus groups may use “University of Toronto” in the name of the organization.
  • Use of University facilities and meeting spaces at a lower cost or at no cost (compared to external organizations).
  • Access to group email accounts, listservs, portal space and other services.
  • Listings in directories provided to the University community, including the Student Organization Portal and the University event calendar. Most groups at the University of Toronto seek recognition.

Rotman Commerce Affiliate Groups

Rotman Commerce “Affiliate Group” recognition is available for student groups where the majority of their programming is complementary to the Rotman Commerce student experience and curriculum. 

To be eligible as an Affiliate Student Group to Rotman Commerce the Group must:  

  • Be officially recognized by the University of Toronto through the Office of Student Life (Student Organization Portal). Find more information on the Student Life website 
  • Have two executive members who are Rotman Commerce students in the Group 

Once your affiliation is approved by the Rotman Commerce Student Life Office your Affiliate Student Group can:  

  • Promote its affiliation with Rotman Commerce during events. 
  • Book one RC room for one event during the school year (October – March). If you wish to request a room booking, please send an email to 
  • Post its events on RC Portal to advertise to all Rotman Commerce students. 

As an Affiliate Student Group, you will not receive any funding from Rotman Commerce.  

Please complete the following form if you are interested in becoming an Affiliate Rotman Commerce Student Group: 

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