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Becoming a Rotman Commerce student group

Students interested in developing their own recognized Rotman Commerce student group can apply to our Student Life team for recognition. The general timeline for the application process is as follows: 

  • November: Complete New Student Group Application Form
  • December: Student Life reviews applications
  • January: Meeting with Student Life
  • February: Presentation to RC Admin panel and final decision
  • March: Begin executive hiring

Below are the following steps required to develop a student group:

1. Complete New Student Group Application Form

Complete the New Student Group Application Form by November 30th, 11:59PM EST. Student Life will review all applications and inform successful applicants on next steps in late December/early January.

2. Meet with Student Life

If we approve your proposal, we will arrange a meeting to get more information and provide feedback about your proposed group. You should be prepared to discuss:

  • your concept
  • the group’s mission and vision
  • market research/evidence for the group

    3. Presentation Preparation

    After the first meeting, you will spend time preparing your final presentation deck. You will have an opportunity to practice your presentation to Student Life and receive feedback, before your final presentation to a panel of Rotman Commerce staff.

    You will develop a presentation that includes:

    • the student market that the group will serve
    • the need within our community that is not being met and expressed demand for it from your peers
    • potential learning opportunities or career paths for students who are involved with this group
    • how the group will contribute to the Rotman Commerce and U of T community

    4. Final Presentation to RC Admin Panel

    As the final step, your group will present to a panel of Rotman Commerce staff for consideration. The panel will have a staff member from a range of units across Rotman Commerce.

    Your presentation will be evaluated on a rubric that each panelist will have. These rubrics will form the basis for the panel’s final decision, which will then be discussed with the Director, Managing Director, and Assistant Directors of Academic Services and Student Life.

    5. Group Approval

    If your group proposal is approved, you will be provided with:

    • A constitution template
    • A hiring template
    • Important dates for upcoming year
    Navi Mental Health Wayfinder