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Get involved with the RC Houses

Want to get involved? There are several House Executive positions available to RC students! Become a House Captain or House Lead and contribute to your community through planning fun events and initiatives. Follow RC Houses on Instagram to stay up-to-date on upcoming House events and the latest news!

House Captain

House Captains are upper-year Rotman Commerce students who support the community through their leadership and mentorship abilities. House Captains assemble and guide their team of first-year House Leads in planning a year full of community-building, socially-oriented events, and initiatives for all Rotman Commerce students to enjoy. House Captains are hired in March.

House Leads

House Leads are first-year Rotman Commerce students who want to make an impact on their Rotman Commerce experience right from the start. Each House has three House Leads who work with their House Captain to plan and execute events for the year, aiming to strengthen community building, relieve student life and academic stress and create a welcoming environment for students. House Leads are hired in September.

The following House Lead positions are available in each House:

Events Lead

The Events Lead is broadly responsible for planning and executing the logistics of each event, but the entire House Committee is responsible for overseeing the execution of these logistics in practice. The Events Lead will determine the needs of the student body in their respective House, generate creative event and activity ideas, and conduct thorough research on all related logistics.

Finance Lead

The Finance Lead will manage the monetary and logistical needs of their respective House. This includes developing and pitching budget proposals for and finalizing funding and resource allocation needs of each event and activity.

Marketing Lead

The Marketing Lead is responsible for all messaging relayed from the House team to Rotman Commerce students. This includes creating marketing campaigns that effectively promote House events and activities, and maximize student engagement and House spirit.

We will be recruiting first-year House Leads for the 2023-24 academic year in September 2023. 

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