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Final exams

Please note that, due to COVID-19, for Fall 2020 there will be no final examinations organized by the Faculty of Arts & Science, but rather final assessments, which are governed by the same rules as term work. More information is available in each course syllabus.

Every year, there are instances of academic misconduct during tests and examinations involving Rotman Commerce students. All instances of misconduct are taken very seriously and pursued through the Student Academic Integrity Office. The consequences can be severe – for example, a deduction in your final grade, including possible failure in a course and/or a notation on your transcript.

To avoid these situations, all students should review the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters. You are also responsible for knowing the Rules for the Conduct of Examinations.

For full details regarding Faculty of Arts & Science final exams, you can find the following information and resources on their website:

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