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Course Outlines

Summer 2023 F-Term Courses
Summer 2023 S-Term Courses

Fall 2023 Term Courses
Winter 2024 Term Courses

Summer F-Term Courses

Summer S-Term Courses

Fall Term Courses

Winter Term Courses

  • MGT100H1S Fundamentals of Management
  • MGT230H1S Fundamentals of Finance
  • RSM100H1S Introduction to Management
  • RSM210H1S Communicating for Impact
  • RSM219H1S Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • RSM220H1S Intermediate Financial Accounting I
  • RSM221H1S Intermediate Financial Accounting II
  • RSM222H1S Management Accounting I
  • RSM225H1S Legal Environment of Business I
  • RSM230H1S Financial Markets
  • RSM250H1S Principles of Marketing
  • RSM260H1S Organizational Behaviour
  • RSM270H1S Operations Management
  • RSM311H1S Data-based Decision Making
  • RSM315H1S Taxation for Business Professionals
  • RSM317H1S Text Mining and Natural Language Processing
  • RSM320H1S Intermediate Financial Accounting III
  • RSM321H1S Advanced Financial Accounting Topics
  • RSM323H1S Auditing I
  • RSM324H1S Canadian Income Taxation I
  • RSM325H1S Legal Environment of Business II
  • RSM326H1S Data Analytics with Financial Accounting Information
  • RSM327H1S Business Information Systems
  • RSM328H1S Financial Distress and Insolvency
  • RSM329H1S Accounting for Finance Professionals
  • RSM332H1S Capital Market Theory
  • RSM333H1S Corporate Finance
  • RSM336H1S Investments
  • RSM338H1S Applications of Machine Learning in Finance
  • RSM340H1S The Opposable Mind: Approaches to Integrative Thinking
  • RSM341H1S Model-Based Decision Making
  • RSM350H1S Marketing Management
  • RSM353H1S Consumer Behaviour
  • RSM361H1S Human Resource Management
  • RSM362H1S Leading Across Differences
  • RSM391H1S Introduction to Creative Destruction Lab
  • RSM392H1S Strategic Management
  • RSM393H1S Strategic Case Analysis
  • RSM418H1S Investment Banking and Mergers and Acquisitions
  • RSM420H1S Advanced IT Audit and Data Analytics
  • RSM422H1S Management Control
  • RSM424H1S Canadian Income Taxation II
  • RSM426H1S Critical Thinking, Analysis and Decision Making
  • RSM430H1S Fixed Income Securities
  • RSM432H1S Risk Management for Financial Managers
  • RSM433H1S Advanced Corporate Finance
  • RSM434H1S Financial Trading Strategies
  • RSM435H1S Futures and Options Markets
  • RSM437H1S International Finance
  • RSM439H1S Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Finance
  • RSM450H1S Marketing and Behavioural Economics
  • RSM454H1S Sales and Distribution Strategy
  • RSM456H1S Big Data and Marketing Analytics
  • RSM459H1S Business Design
  • RSM461H1S Managerial Negotiations
  • RSM462H1S Managing People in the Context of Globalization
  • RSM463H1S Socially Intelligent Manager
  • RSM466H1S Environmental and Social Responsibility for Management
  • RSM470H1S Management Science Modelling with Spreadsheets
  • RSM480H1S Business in a Global Economy
  • RSM482H1S Game Theory for Business Strategy
  • RSM484H1S Real Estate Finance and Investment
  • RSM490H1S International Strategy
  • RSM491H1S Global Capital Market Strategy
  • RSM493H1S Entrepreneurship
  • RSM494H1S Technology Strategy
  • RSM495H1S Management Consulting

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