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At Rotman Commerce, we believe that an outstanding business education begins with outstanding teachers. That’s why ours are among the world’s brightest researchers and industry insiders. Many of your professors also teach in the Rotman School of Management’s prestigious MBA program. And many more are working professionals who bring their real-world experience to class to help prepare you for career success.  

A Well-Rounded Education

We know that commerce doesn’t exist in a vacuum. So we’ve designed our curriculum so that you can combine your management studies with classes in the arts and sciences. With us, you don’t have to choose business over your other interests. In fact, you can do both and make the most out of your university education. Many of our students pursue minors – and even majors – in non-business subjects. And with literally thousands of courses on offer at U of T, you have limitless possibilities to choose from.

Deep Business Connections

Because of our location right in the heart of Canada’s business community, we have easy access to the world’s most successful businesses. And since we’re so close, we enjoy a great relationship with many of these prime employers. As a result, many of them come right to campus to hire Rotman Commerce students! Moreover, thousands of our alumni have built their own successful careers right here in Toronto. Consequently, our students have many chances to learn directly from our vast network of graduates who come back to campus as mentors and volunteers.

Active Student Life

We have 11 student clubs and 5 student social houses whose members organize dozens of events a year. Add to that hundreds of other opportunities on campus, and there’s an amazing array of student activities for you to choose from. From case competitions to sports teams to good old-fashioned parties, we have something for everyone. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for with us, you can always explore what’s on offer in Toronto’s vibrant social scene.

With all that we have to offer – a diverse and engaged student body, amazing corporate connections, and a stellar curriculum – we’re confident that you will get the best undergraduate business education at Rotman Commerce. Explore our site to find out more and discover the many reasons why a BCom from Rotman Commerce is recognized all around the world.

Office Closures 2017

Rotman Commerce and/or the University will be closed all day on the following dates:

  • Monday October 9 – University closed for Thanksgiving Day

Megan Anderson

In my experience, successfully interviewing for a job in management consulting boils down to having two main skills: problem solving and communication. Rotman Commerce’s Management Consulting Alumni Program (MCAP) helped me immensely in both respects by connecting me with the tools and resources I needed to understand the process, learn the basic skills and, most importantly, practice those skills. Participating in this program allowed me to make my dream of working in consulting a reality.

Megan Anderson

BCom '14
Associate at McKinsey and Company