Student Life

Student clubs, case competitions, movie screenings, dances, boat cruises, pub nights, sports teams, fashion shows, FLCs, leadership conferences  –  Rotman Commerce student life is as vibrant as it gets! From the time you come on board with us at orientation to the time you leave us in cap and gown, you will have hundreds of opportunities to participate in student activities – and maybe even organize a few events of your own. Plus, you have access to the incredible diversity of UofT’s student life, where there’s pretty much a club or activity for every interest out there. While we pride ourselves on offering you the best classroom education, we’re equally proud of what Rotman Commerce students can accomplish out of class.

The First-Year Experience

While starting university is exciting, it can also be a little daunting. We know that so we work hard to give first-year students the social support they need. From the time we accept you into the program, we want you to feel like you belong. Attend our welcome receptions, join our Class of 2023 Facebook group, and follow us on social! Once you get here, there will be loads of activities you can get involved in, but three in particular are designed especially for you: our Rotman Commerce orientation events, our FLCs (First-Year Learning Communities), and our Student Houses.

Rotman Commerce Orientation

Designed to introduce first-year students to life at business school, our Rotman Commerce Orientation events bring together new students to introduce them to the basics of b-school. You’ll meet upper-year students, professors, and staff; get an introduction to case competitions and other Rotman Commerce staples; learn about how to prepare yourself for success at university; and most importantly, meet your new classmates and friends.


Get to know your fellow students in a laid-back, social atmosphere in our First-Year Learning Communities (FLCs)! Rotman Commerce FLC groups consist of 24 first-year Rotman Commerce students and are led by senior Rotman Commerce students. FLCs meet regularly throughout the school year, and host various academic and social activities. There is everything from ice skating and social outings, to professional presentation coaching and leadership workshops. Moreover, you’ll always know someone to study with, exchange class notes with, and sit within class because everyone in your FLC group will be enrolled in the same section of the mandatory first-year commerce courses! Check out the FLC website for more information on this great first-year program.

Rotman Commerce Houses

Looking for student leadership experience? Want to meet new friends and do fun things? Participate in your Rotman Commerce House! Our five student houses – Bedford, Devonshire, Galbraith, Harbord, and Madison – organize social activities for first-year students throughout the year.

Rotman Commerce Student Organizations

Without doubt, our 20 official student organizations are the heart of student life at Rotman Commerce. Run by student executives, these groups organize well over a hundred events and activities each year. Not only are they fun, but they can also help you develop the skills to succeed in business. Moreover, because our student groups are directly funded by the Rotman Commerce program office, they often have the resources to pursue initiatives that will benefit the whole student body at no additional cost to individual students. Since each organization has numerous opportunities for new students to get involved, why not explore what’s available to you by checking them out?

Student Union:

Academic Associations:

Interest Groups:

Conferences and Competitions

Some of the most popular and exciting activities for Rotman Commerce students take the form of conferences and competitions. Many are run by our own student organizations and take place right here in Toronto – try your hand at one of our many region-wide case competitions, or participate in a student group’s annual conference. Others are provincial, national, or international affairs, which require our students to travel, such as the John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition, the Harvard Women in Business conference, or the Wake Forest Marketing Summit. In addition to being excellent learning opportunities, many of the competitions carry cash prizes or other incentives for the winning teams or individuals. Rotman Commerce students participating in conferences and competitions can apply to our Conferences and Competitions Fund for subsidies to help defray the cost of participating in these valuable events.

Rotman Commerce Career Services

While student life at Rotman Commerce is full of fun social events, there’s also much to be said for one of the more serious aspects of our diverse student programming. Dedicated solely to Rotman Commerce students, our Career Centre is your resource for career-related activities. Offering one-on-one career coaching, resume and interview workshops, job-seeking advice, recruiting fairs, exclusive summer and permanent job postings, industry-related seminars and courses, and much more, the Rotman Commerce Career Centre will help you make the most of your education in today’s competitive job market. In addition to working with students, our dedicated team of Relationship Managers works closely with today’s hottest companies to keep Rotman Commerce students front and centre when it comes time to hire new staff. Among the companies we work with are some of Canada’s most respected business, such as TD, KPMG, Deloitte, Bain and Company, A.T. Kearney, Procter & Gamble, Telus, SunLife Financial, Scotia Capital, RBC Capital Markets, Manulife Financial, BMO Capital Markets, Canadian Tire, Johnson & Johnson, Labatt, Grant Thornton, Ernst & Young, and CIBC World Markets, to name a few.

Explore our Career Services area to see more of what we offer!

Skills Development

As important as your education is in helping you secure your dream job, your ability to perform in interviews, present your ideas, relate your classroom knowledge to other contexts, or communicate your goals is crucial when it comes to standing out from the competition. That’s where Rotman Commerce’s extensive skills-building programming really counts. No matter what your focus – accounting, finance, or management – we offer professionally-run skills sessions that will give you the confidence to present your best self to future employers. In fact, last year alone, we provided more than 2800 individual out-of-the-classroom opportunities for students to enhance their skills in communications workshops, financial modeling training, speaker series, leadership seminars, mentoring partnerships, and co-curricular lectures, among other activities. Many of these are free to our students, while those that do have a cost are highly subsidized to make them accessible to student budgets. Our goal at Rotman Commerce is to make sure your success is realized, both academically and professionally. Our full slate of ever-developing skills-building opportunities is designed to do just that.