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Kong Ming Lee and Yip On Lee Memorial Scholarship

Established under the Building Canadian Leaders Scholarship Fund, the Kong Ming Lee and Yip On Lee Memorial Scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit to a full-time, domestic undergraduate student with strong leadership potential who is admitted to or  enrolled in the Rotman Commerce Program.

Special consideration will be given to academic ability, involvement in sports/ extracurricular activities/ community engagement and leadership.


The value and distribution of each scholarship will depends on the annual income generated by the endowment which can range from $900- $4000

The scholarship is renewable for an additional 3 years on the basis of continued full-time registration in the Rotman Commerce program and a minimum annual grade point average (GPA) of 3.0. The renewable value is determined by the annual income generated from endowed funds. 

Applications not required. Recipients will be selected through their applications to Rotman Commerce.

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