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The latest scoop from your online best friend

Raisa Jarostchuk’s (BCom ‘23) podcast The Scoop brings U of T students together to create a community for discussing top questions about dating and friendship.


Raisa Jarostchuk, BCom '23

From pep talks to advice, The Scoop aims to provides listeners with some of the necessary tools for a healthy social life. Every week, Jarostchuk and her co-host Karma Saskia Sadhwani are joined by different U of T students ready to tackle the realm of interpersonal relationships from a new angle. Here, Jarostchuk shares some of her inspiration in creating The Scoop, along with how this passion project factors into her idea of success.  

Why is this accomplishment important to you?

The Scoop podcast is important to me because of the positive impact it delivers to the U of T community. Every week, my co-host Karma Saskia Sadhwani and I bring U of T students together to share advice on building healthy relationships. During a time of virtual-only classes, our goal was to become a fun and helpful “online best friend” to our classmates, no matter which country they’re currently studying from. And so far, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback! Receiving messages from fellow students about how much they enjoy The Scoop is really encouraging. In fact, it’s what motivates us to continue building our overall brand encompassing our podcast and other future projects, Surbae. Stay tuned for our U of T exclusive social media app, launching fall 2021!  

What does success look like for you?

My understanding of success changed a lot over time. A couple years ago, I thought of success in an extremely narrow way  as “getting good grades” or having a “great GPA”. But as I mature, success has become more about living up to my potential: “Am I pursuing what I enjoy to the fullest? Am I dreaming big and setting ambitious goals? Am I making positive impact on others? To me, the ability to answer all those questions with a “yes” is how I define success. 

How has Rotman Commerce impacted you?

Rotman Commerce has provided me the knowledge necessary to effectively market The Scoop. More specifically, RSM250 helped me establish a solid foundation in marketing, including the primary concepts and key terms. In addition, RSM350 taught me marketing through a problem-solving perspective. This has been helpful, as marketing outcomes are often unpredictable in practice, so it’s critical to know how to successfully adapt. 

Looking ahead

Building on her current marketing experience, Jarostchuk’s career goals include becoming a CMO at a global consumer goods or tech company, where she can continue providing value through her creativity and passion for business strategy.

April 21, 2021

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