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Kickstart your RC journey with the First-Year Learning Community

Taking the leap from high school to university is no simple task. That’s why your upper-year RC peers and staff are here to support you with the First-Year Learning Community (FLC).


Every first-year RC student is pre-enrolled in FLC—a place where you can develop friendships, navigate RC resources, and discover the campus together. Zameena Rajabali (BCom ’23) and Erika Yuen (BCom ’23) are this year’s senior peer mentors. Their goal: to welcome and create a space of belonging for every RC student coming into this exciting new chapter.

FLC senior peer mentors Zameena Rajabali and Erika Yuen (BCom ’23)

Fostering a strong community

“FLC creates a safe and inclusive environment for students to feel a sense of belonging in the community.”

Zameena Rajabali, BCom ’23

During her first year as a mentee, Erika developed new friendships and had plenty to ask her two mentors about entering university. “Since then, I took on leadership positions as a peer mentor which have allowed me to facilitate a resourceful and understanding FLC program.” She assures that the FLC leaders empathize with challenges first-year students face and are working towards building a stronger community.

Easing the transition from high school to university

“Be receptive and open to change. University can be overwhelming, so personal resilience and perseverance are key.”

Erika Yuen, BCom ’23

Zameena advises incoming students to not be afraid to try new things. Whether it’s asking a question in a class of 100 students, attending a networking event, joining a club, or exploring campus resources, taking advantage of these opportunities are essential to discover what you love to do. Zameena stresses the importance of having work-life balance. “Though you may fear ‘falling behind’, the time you need to eat, sleep and socialize is non-negotiable!”

For Erika, positive insights come from challenging situations—including the workload adjustment and the newfound independence. “There will be a lot of unknowns in university, but I live by the saying of controlling what you can control—so approach your experience with an open and positive mind, because it sure goes by quick!” Realizing that there is an abundant community of students, staff, and resources available for support is important to not feel isolated from these experiences.

The big picture

“My goal is for students to finish their first-year feeling supported by RC, allowing them to take on their remaining years with confidence.”

Erika Yuen, BCom ’23

As FLC sessions will be delivered in-person, Zameena is excited to increase engagement from students. “We’ve incorporated feedback from last year to revamp the curriculum topics for this year; this can enable students to develop skills that benefit their personal and professional journey.” Service-learning field trip sessions and emphasis on mental health are highlighted through check-ins and interactive social elements incorporated in each session.

Erika hopes to improve on her leadership and teamwork skills while working closely with the FLC committee. “I’m hoping to create a strong sense of community within FLC, leaving a lasting impression on the mentorship program for incoming students.”

September 1, 2022

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