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1,000 Hats encourages Rotman Commerce grads to “wear their pride”

Rotman Commerce is proud to be a part of the 1,000 Hats campaign, in collaboration with the Rotman School of Management. The 1,000 Hats campaign was born out of a simple concept: we want Rotman Commerce graduates to wear their pride, helping us to spread awareness about the incredible talent within our walls and in our alumni community.

Individuals who give a donation of $100 or more to the Rotman Commerce Annual Fund will be given a limited edition Rotman hat. We ask that our alumni will take a selfie with their hat and share their Rotman pride via social media, helping to spread awareness about the amazing work being done both within the program and by Rotman graduates throughout the international business community.

For this year, all donations raised through the 1,000 Hats campaign will go toward the creation of a new student scholarship award, forming a tangible link between current alumni and those who will go on to shape the future of Canadian business.

Additionally, thanks to a generous matching grant, all donations made to the annual fund through the 1,000 Hats Campaign, until April 30, 2018, will be matched towards the creation of this new student award.

“Initiatives like 1,000 Hats campaign are incredibly important for maintaining the growth of our annual fund, which is one of the most powerful funding areas here at the university,” explains Jennifer Tan, Senior Development Officer for the Rotman School of Management. “This type of support extends our reach and enables our alumni to immediately impact the future of those currently enrolled in the programs. It is linking the success of our graduates with the amazing potential of our students.”

Donate to the Rotman Commerce 1,000 Hats campaign and show your Rotman pride.

February 21, 2018

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