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Rotman Commerce Career Services Recruitment Guidelines

These guidelines have been established to create a positive recruitment environment at Rotman Commerce. Adherence to these policies will both strengthen recruiting relationships with our employers and provide Rotman Commerce students with the opportunity to make productive connections with prospective employers and corporate guests. Thank you in advance for continuing to promote the strong Rotman Commerce brand through your interactions with the business community.

Portal event registration policy

The use of the Rotman Commerce Portal is restricted to current Rotman Commerce students in good standing and Rotman Commerce alumni.

All activities posted in the Rotman Commerce Portal are subject to the event registration policy. This policy has been created to develop the professional behaviours and skills necessary for our students to be successful in their careers. 

Students are expected to attend all events for which they have registered. Should a student no longer be able to attend, they are required to cancel their registration within the Portal prior to the event close date. All registration close dates are listed within the event details. 

Sessions may be recorded for quality or promotional purposes. Please contact for questions.

After the close date, students won’t be able to cancel their registration unless extenuating circumstances are communicated via email to

Rotman Commerce Career Services Recruitment Guidelines 

These guidelines have been established to create a positive recruitment environment at Rotman Commerce. Following these policies will help Rotman Commerce students make lasting connections with prospective employers and corporate guests.

Student information

All information you give to Career Services and employers in all written and verbal correspondence is honest, accurate and complete. This includes (but is not limited to) information related to resumés, cover letters, transcripts, employment information, interviews and job offer data. The University of Toronto’s formal policies can be found here: Student Code of Conduct.

The sections below are primarily applicable, but not limited to, campus recruitment activities.

Information sessions and networking events

Students are expected to show professionalism in signing up for and attending information sessions and networking events:

  • If you’ve registered for an event and are unable to attend, you should cancel at least 24 hours in advance on the Rotman Commerce Portal or email
  • Business attire is expected at all events unless otherwise stated. *
  • Students are expected to arrive on time and plan to stay for the entire session/event. Latecomers may not be admitted into the session/event.
  • You must RSVP to events off-campus by the date indicated. If you do need to cancel, you should notify the organization prior to the scheduled off-campus event by calling and/or sending an email to the host in a timely manner. You should not attend an event if you haven’t confirmed your attendance.
  • Upon registration, your contact information (first name, last name, program, year of study, and email) may be shared with employers upon their request.
  • Due to privacy, security and capacity, you’re not permitted to share event details or login with other students.


You’re expected to demonstrate professionalism and integrity throughout the interview process. Specifically, you’re expected to:

  • Ensure that job applications are submitted to postings for which there is a genuine interest and accept interviews based on interest in the position.
  • Schedule interviews around tests, quizzes or other assignment due dates given that students have some control of the timing of interviews.
  • For interviews obtained through on-campus recruiting: Work with Rotman Commerce Career Services to see if there is any flexibility in scheduling or rescheduling the timing of the interview where there is a direct conflict with a scheduled interview and an academic obligation (e.g., a scheduled class). If a change is not possible, and it results in a missed class or portion thereof, Rotman Commerce instructors expect that students will keep them informed of any sessions missed due to recruiting activities. Students are expected to promptly catch up on any missed content. Specific class participation requirements are not uniform across courses, and each instructor will have shared with all students the requirements for her or his course. If students miss a class for the purpose of attending an interview or presentation, please note that Rotman Commerce will not be able to excuse or grant students alternative arrangements they would for an illness or other emergency. Students will be subject to the course policy for other kinds of absences, as determined by the instructor.
  • For interviews obtained through campus recruiting: Notify Career Services at least 24 hours in advance, should there be a need to cancel an interview due to a medical/family emergency or acceptance of another job offer. If unable to make the scheduled interview, please notify Career Services at least 24 hours in advance so that the company can be advised of the absence.
  • For interviews obtained through campus recruiting: Adhere to the scheduled interview time; any requested changes will be made only in the event of an emergency. In this situation, students must notify Career Services immediately to enable timely communication to the company of the situation. Prompt action may allow the employer to assign another Rotman Commerce student to the interview slot. Students who fail to appear for an interview without proper notification or cancellation will be required to write a formal letter of apology to the organization, with a copy of the letter submitted to Career Services.

Job offers

In order to enhance our services to students and employers, the following actions related to verbal or written job offers are recommended:

  • For job offers obtained through campus recruiting: Students are encouraged to inform Career Services of job offer status in a timely manner as it allows Career Services to provide better service to both students and employers.
  • For job offers obtained through campus recruiting: Upon formal acceptance of an offer for a full-time or summer position, students should discontinue from interviewing for other positions. Any previously scheduled interviews booked through Career Services will be cancelled in order to allow other Rotman Commerce students the opportunity to be considered for outstanding positions.
  • Students managing multiple offers and/or interview schedules are encouraged to meet with a career educator for guidance in handling these situations.
  • If there is a need for flexibility from a recruiter (e.g., to extend the offer/acceptance deadline to carefully weigh more than one offer), students are encouraged to contact their career educator for guidance in handling these situations.

Rescinding job offers:

  • By signing a letter of offer students understand that accepting a job offer is a professional commitment.
  • Any withdrawal of an accepted offer carries implications for the student and Rotman Commerce relationship with the company.
  • This behaviour creates a reputational risk for both the student and for Rotman Commerce, which takes interview opportunities away from other Rotman students.
  • Students who consider rescinding job offers are required to meet with a career educator or relationship manager at Career Services.
  • Should an employer or organization retract your summer or full time offer, we encourage students to notify Career Services and meet with a career educator to discuss next steps.

Rotman Commerce Student Guidelines: Private/Intellectual Property of the University
All employers listed on the Rotman Career Services Portal meet the Ontario Employment Standards.
Students are free to apply to any organization posting with us. If employment is gained, it should be based on skills and qualifications. During the course of your employment, an employer cannot request or require you to produce class materials or notes from your personal property. If a student shares or distributes course content in any way that breaches a copyright, the student may be subject to disciplinary actions and/or subject to legal consequences that are outside of the responsibility of the University. Students should immediately report requests of this nature to the Director, Career Services for further investigation.

For any further questions/concerns related to all information sessions, interviews, offers or in reference to any of the above information please book an appointment with a career educator or relationship manager, or contact Career Services.

*Business attire refers to the clothing that employees wear to work. Depending on the workplace, various levels of the formality of business attire are expected and the norm. The dress codes range from traditional and formal to smart casual, business casual, and casual.

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