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Post-Admission Transfer Credits for Rotman Commerce Students

Students can apply for a Post-Admission Transfer Credit to receive a potential transfer credits by taking a course at another institution. Please see information for this process on the Transfer Credit Office. Students cannot receive a course assessment before taking a course at an institution.

Rotman Commerce students who are not participating in the UofT Exchange program, may only apply for and receive Post-Admission transfer credits for courses that are not core required courses for their Rotman Commerce program. 

Post-Admission transfer credits may be used towards any elective courses included in their degree/program requirements.

Courses considered to be core specialist requirement that will not receive RSM transfer credit equivalents are:

Core Courses for all RC StudentsRSM100H; RSM219H; RSM222H; RSM230H; RSM250H; RSM260H; RSM270H; RSM332H; RSM333H; RSM392H
Accounting Specialist RSM220H1; RSM221H1; RSM225H1; RSM320H1; RSM321H1; RSM323H1; RSM324H1; RSM326H1; RSM420H1; RSM422H1; RSM424H1; RSM426H1
Finance and Economic Specialist RSM336; Limit of 1.0 transfer credit at the 300+ level – see the BCom degree requirement listed below.
Management SpecialistLimit of 1.0 transfer credit at the 300+ level – see the BCom degree requirement listed below.  

A&S degree requirement and restriction:   No more than 1.0 credit at the 300+ level in transfer credit may be counted towards the minimum number of 300- and 400-level credits, except transfer credits attained through a University of Toronto exchange program.

Post-Admission Transfer Credit Process

Post-Admission transfer credit requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be submitted to the Transfer Credit office.

Please note that there is a cost associated with this application.

There is no guarantee that RSM transfer credit equivalencies will be awarded for a course taken at another institution. 

Please note that the pre-approved RSM course list for UofT exchange participants is only applicable to students on exchange. These equivalencies are not available to students who apply for Post-Admission transfer credit.

You can use the University’s Transfer Explorer tool to see whether or not non-RSM credits taken at a host institution may be transferred to UofT for credit.

RC students considering taking a course at an institution outside of Canada and applying for Post-Admission Transfer Credit are advised to meet with an RC Academic Advisor.    

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