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Our career advisors

Each of our career advisors has specific areas in which they work and in which they have relevant industry knowledge.

feven-gidey-core-servicesFeven Gidey
Career Advisor, Core Services
maurice-fernandes-core-servicesMaurice Fernandes
Career Advisor, Core Services

swati-sharma-financial-servicesSwati Sharma
Career Advisor, Financial Services
kirsten-neuendorff-financial-servicesKirsten Neuendorff
Career Advisor, Financial Services
 garry-curnew-consultingGarry Curnew
Career Advisor, Management Consulting
tracey-klinhammer-consultingTracey Klinkhammer
Career Advisor, Accounting Services
danielle-kimmerly-consumer-and-industrialDanielle Kimmerly
Career Advisor, Consumer & Industrial
nisha-balachandran-technology-sports-entertainmentNisha Balachandran
Career Advisor, Technology
Navi Mental Health Wayfinder