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Letter of Permission for Rotman Commerce Students

Students can apply for a Letter of Permission to receive transfer credits by taking courses at another institution within Canada. Please see information for this process on the Transfer Credit Office website and the application deadlines for each session.

A Letter of Permission allows students to receive a course assessment before taking a course at another institution within Canada. Letter of Permission is often required in order to enroll at a Canadian host institution.

If they miss the application deadline for the Letter of Permission, students can apply for a Post-Admission Transfer Credit. In this case, students cannot receive a course assessment before taking a course at a Canadian institution.

Rotman Commerce students who are not participating in the UofT Exchange program, may only apply for and receive Letter of Permission transfer credits for courses that are not core required courses for their Rotman Commerce program.  

Letter of Permission transfer credits may be used towards any elective courses included in their degree/program requirements.

Course specialist requirements that will not receive RSM transfer credit equivalents are:

Core Courses for all RC StudentsRSM100H; RSM219H; RSM222H; RSM230H; RSM250H; RSM260H; RSM270H; RSM332H; RSM333H; RSM392H
Accounting Specialist RSM220H1; RSM221H1; RSM225H1; RSM320H1; RSM321H1; RSM323H1; RSM324H1; RSM326H1; RSM420H1; RSM422H1; RSM424H1; RSM426H1
Finance and Economic Specialist RSM336; Limit of 1.0 transfer credit at the 300+ level – see the BCom degree requirement listed below.
Management SpecialistLimit of 1.0 transfer credit at the 300+ level – see the BCom degree requirement listed below. 

A&S degree requirement and restriction:   No more than 1.0 credit at the 300+ level in transfer credit may be counted towards the minimum number of 300- and 400-level credits, except transfer credits attained through a University of Toronto exchange program.

Letter of Permission Process

Letter of Permission transfer credit requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be requested from the Transfer Credit office.

Please note that there is a cost associated with this application.

There is no guarantee that RSM transfer credit equivalencies will be awarded for a course taken at another institution. 

Please review rules and guidelines listed on the Transfer Credit office page. There are strict deadlines that must be met in order to receive these letters. Please note that the pre-approved RSM course list for UofT Exchange participants are only applicable to students on Exchange. These equivalencies are not available to students who apply for a Letter of Permission.

You can use the University’s Transfer Explorer tool to see whether or not non-RSM credits taken at a Canadian university may be transferred to U of T credits.

RC students considering taking a course at an institution within Canada and applying for Letter of Permission are advised to meet with an RC Academic Advisor.   

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