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Career Journey

Pathways to success

We have developed a three-step career journey model to help you confidently navigate your search for meaningful work.

Our model will help you discover your strengths, develop your professional toolkit and gain relevant experience. Begin by reviewing the phases in the first row and determining which one best describes where you are today. Scroll down and review each step of the career journey model to see what you can do to strengthen your career search and move to the next phase.

For every phase and step of your process, we encourage reflection. This will help you gain the most from your experience whether you are submitting an application, attending a networking event or even participating in an activity you don’t think is in any way related to your career (spoiler alert – it is!). And of course, you can always schedule a coaching appointment with your Career Educator to help you with your process.

We also encourage you to balance your curricular work with all the other aspects of your life. This will position you for success and happiness throughout your entire career. We can help with this too!

Where are you on your Career Journey?

Reflect on your experiences – what is your takeaway and how will it help you advance your career search process? 

Step 1: Discover

  • Realize your strengths – skills, values, interests and personality style.
  • Identify and explore possible career paths and employment options. 
  • Remain agile and open to change – and chance – as career goals evolve.
Phase 1: Phase 2: Phase 3: Phase 4:
  • I don’t know what I want to do after I graduate
  • I can list my strengths (e.g., skills, interests, values, attributes) 
  • I use my strengths to identify and research possible career paths, potential employers and industries  
  • I reflect on my strengths and experiences on a regular basis 
  • I’ve identified my career goals and am agile and open to seeing them evolve 
  • Strengths integrated into everything (emotional intelligence) 
Resources: Resources: Resources: Resources:
(RC Career Ready Sessions 1 & 2 )

  • Complete Career Leader assessment tool 
  • Visit Career Peer Corner for more info on your career journey process (group sessions by specialization or 1:1 sessions) 
  • Book a coaching appointment 
(RC Career Ready Sessions 2 & 4)

(RC Career Ready Sessions 23 & 4  )

  • Conduct Informational interviews with alumni
  • RC Link or via Alumni Mentorship Program (for 2nd & 3rd year students)  
  • Conduct Informational interviews with guest speakers (e.g., RC Career Ready, RC student group events) 
  • Book a coaching appointment 
  • Attend drop-in hours: with Career Peers or Career Educators 
(RC Career Ready Session 5 )

  • Conduct Informational interviews with professionals on LinkedIn 
  • Share experiences – and contacts – with your peers that would be helpful to them 
  • Check in with your career educator ensuring you are managing your career journey plan 


Step 2: Develop

Identify achievable  career goals:

  • Build a professional toolkit of resources to communicate your skills, experiences and personal brand to career influencers: 
  • Resume/Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Your introduction/career story (Info interviews/coffee chats)
  • Strengthen your career management skills to support you throughout your career e.g., self-marketing, networking, research.
Phase 1: Phase 2: Phase 3: Phase 4:
  • I don’t have a resume OR I have a resume but it’s not very good  
  • I don’t have a network OR I have a network but don’t know how to utilize it 
  • I have identified my career goals (have a better idea of what I want to do)
  • I am using my strengths to create more effective professional self- marketing tools (e.g. resume) 
  • I am comfortable introducing myself and am developing authentic connections with professionals – and my peers – on a regular basis  
  • I am discovering opportunities that are not advertised 
  • I build and maintain relationships in my network 
  • I know where I want to work, what I want to do and how to find it 
Resources: Resources: Resources: Resources:
(RC Career Ready Sessions 1 & 2 )

(RC Career Ready Sessions 12 & 3 )

  • Book a coaching appointment for feedback on your personal brand and LinkedIn profile 
  • Practice informational interviewing with a career peer – they have great stories to share with you! (Career Peer Corner
  • Prepare customized applications for positions posted on RC Portal and the CLNx 
(RC Career Ready Sessions 12 &3)

  • Meet like-minded peers and professionals at student events, and recruitment events and build authentic relationships 
  • Join RC Link and set up informational interviews with supportive RC alumni 
  • Build authentic relationships with Career Peers 
 (RC Career Ready Sessions 12 &3 )

Step 3: Experience

Become more competitive:

  • Gain relevant experience through paid (summer, part-time jobs, internships) and unpaid opportunities (curricular, co-curricular, volunteer)
  • Identify/develop skills that employers value, e.g., transferable, technical, specialized
Phase 1: Phase 2: Phase 3: Phase 4:
  • I don’t have work experience OR what I have is not relevant  
  • I find jobs by applying to postings online
  • Networking via informational interviews regarding potential careers (now have a different reason to connect with professionals)
  • I can recognize previous experiences that helped develop my strengths, e.g., skills
  • I am building my technical skills and transferable skills
  • I’m engaging in co-curricular activities to build relevant experience
  • I am gaining and planning experiences that are building relevant skills and strengthening my career search
  • I continue to build technical, transferable and specialized skills
  • I remain open and curious to new career opportunities that I hadn’t previously considered
  • I accept that my career path is not linear and will take me places I hadn’t considered
  • I practice life balance now before it becomes more hectic once I start working
  • I am feeling confident and in control and when I don’t feel this way, am not afraid to reach out for assistance
Resources: Resources: Resources: Resources:
(RC Career Ready Sessions 3 & 4 )

(RC Career Ready Sessions 3 & 4 )

(RC Career Ready Sessions 234 & 5 )

  • Book a coaching appointment for individual support 
  • Identify summer opportunities discovered through your network 
(RC Career Ready Sessions 234 & 5 ) 

  • Book a coaching appointment for individual support 
  • Showcase your strengths and experiences at recruiting events 
  • Attend Ask the Expert 
  • Attend Office Hours 
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