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Advice from your Big Sister

Karley Rynard’s (BCom ‘22) Big Sister Blog shares advice and provides mentorship for young women navigating the challenges of growing up.


Karley Rynard, BCom '22

Growing the Big Sister community

Karley created Big Sister Blog as a resource for young women to access authentic, personal and reliable tips that you’d expect with someone you look up to and trust, just like a big sister. With articles like “Online School – How to Stay Motivated & Avoid Distractions” and “How to Build Healthy Habits”, written from the perspective of young individuals, including students, athletes and working professionals, the blog is a safe and welcoming space for readers to learn, explore and reach out for guidance.

“The role of mentorship is extremely important in overcoming challenges and major changes in your life,” said Karley. “Big Sister Blog aims to connect young readers with this vital resource.”

One of her future goals is to develop a podcast with a similar style of content that encompasses the same principles as Big Sister Blog. “I’d love to create a podcast that would reach a wider audience, dive deeper into different subjects, and improve my verbal communication skills!”

Goals with an impact

Karley’s mission with Big Sister Blog lines up with her idea of success. “For me, I experience success when I challenge myself to pursue a journey where I can achieve a goal with a deeper purpose,” she said.

She adds that the journey towards success requires courage and perseverance. “The personal growth you go through when achieving meaningful goals is invigorating,” she said. “Find what motivates you to wake up every morning and take another step, even when you feel like you can’t walk anymore.” For Karley, the discomfort in this journey is what drives personal growth and ultimately, success.

Rotman Commerce and the creative process

The marketing and entrepreneurship concepts Karley learned in the Rotman Commerce program helped her kickstart Big Sister Blog. The RC environment was also a source of creative inspiration for Karley. She shares that being part of the Rotman Commerce community is an opportunity to “always be surrounded by motivated, creative and passionate students.”

Karley emphasizes that the environment at RC pushes you to challenge yourself and excel in all areas of your personal and professional life. “Starting Big Sister Blog was challenging – and extremely satisfying and rewarding,” she said.

Looking ahead

Karley recently completed a summer internship as an Accounting Intern at Grant Thornton LLP and is currently working part-time at a local golf course. She is also presently interviewing for full-time jobs post-grad in both financial services and marketing. In the future, she would love to start her own business.

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October 6, 2021

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