Commerce has been taught at the University of Toronto since 1901, when the Faculty of Arts began to offer a diploma program in Commerce. In 1909, the University inaugurated a Bachelor of Arts program in Commerce and Finance, which, in 1920, became the Bachelor of Commerce. Despite their focus on commerce, these programs all maintained a strong emphasis on the liberal arts, which the current BCom program continues to retain. With the advent of graduate studies in commerce came a new school of management, which officially became a faculty of the University in 1972 (the Faculty of Management Studies). In 1997, the Faculty was renamed the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, in recognition of its principal benefactor.

The current Bachelor of Commerce at the St. George campus is offered – and funded – jointly by the Rotman School of Management and the Faculty of Arts and Science. Since 2008-2009, the program has offered three specialist programs: Accounting, Finance and Economics, and Management. In the latter specialization, students can choose to concentrate in marketing, organizational behaviour, or strategy.

In addition to our excellent academic reputation, Rotman Commerce is known for its student life initiatives, career and job preparation opportunities, and alumni engagement. The program supports 10 official student groups, each of which receives a set amount of funding per year from the administration to run student events and activities. These groups are supported by 125 student executives, who are offered a number of leadership and skills development opportunities as part of their training. Skills sessions in leadership, teamwork, stress management, communications, presentations, and other important soft skills are available to all Rotman Commerce students – with over 2,800 individual opportunities available per year. The Rotman Commerce Career Centre holds well over 700 one-on-one career counselling sessions per year, and hosts numerous resume and interview workshops, job fairs, and corporate recruiting and information sessions, to help ensure that Rotman Commerce students are prepared to apply their classroom knowledge to the workplace.