Career Leader Self Assessment Tool

Self-assessment is a good place to begin your career exploration, and we are pleased to offer you access to Career Leader, a business career self-assessment tool that is built on the premise that your interests, motivators and skills will drive your future career success and satisfaction. The assessment takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete and will generate a personalised report summarizing your key interests, motivators, career and skills matches.

Career Leader may give you ideas for potential careers that you hadn’t thought of, so you can follow up and learn more about them. We encourage you to proceed with caution and not to invest too much into your career match results – they won’t provide a crystal ball answer and are not as valuable as the insights you can glean from your interests, skills and motivations.

Access Career Leader

  1. Click here to login
  2. Under NEW USER? enter your Rotman email address
  3. For Registration Key, use rotmancareerservices-masters
  4. Once logged in, you can create a new password which you will use instead of the registration key when logging in the future. Write down your password and the email address used to log in for future reference.

*If you have any issues logging in to Career Leader, please email:

Analyze Your Career Leader Results

Don’t print out your results! You can learn a lot more about yourself by expanding each sectiononline.

From the Home page, explore the Interests, Motivators and Skills sections. Each section has 3 expandable tabs that you can review.

Find out which careers you matched to and why under “My Career Match”. Starting with your top career match, click the black triangle to expand the section. You will see 3 tabs to review: Overview, Key Factors and Learn More.

Finally, what type of organizational culture are you best suited to? Refer to the “Culture Match” section.

To discuss your Career Leader results further, please request to make an appointment with a career coach by emailing