Rotman Commerce Tuition Fees (Fall-Winter 2019–20)

As a Rotman Commerce student, your fee status for the fall–winter academic session is determined by your course load on the last date to add F/Y courses, which is September 18, 2019. Fee status on that date is determined based on the following course load ranges:

  • Rotman Commerce program fee, full-time status: 3.0 to 6.0 FCEs
  • Rotman Commerce per-course fee, part-time status: 0.5 to 2.5 FCEs

Courses dropped after September 18 will still count towards your course load for the purpose of determining fee status, and will affect fee calculations in the ways outlined below. If you’re a part-time student considering dropping or adding courses, or if you’re a full-time student considering switching to part-time status, contact your academic advisor before making any course enrolment changes on ACORN. These changes could lead to significant fee consequences if the changes are made after September 18.

Full-Time Students

If a full-time student drops courses down to 2.5 credits or fewer (i.e., part-time status) on or before September 18, their fee status will automatically be changed and they’ll be considered part-time status and their tuition will be calculated on a per-course fee schedule, with their fee regulations outlined below under part-time students.

If a full-time student drops down to 2.5 credits or fewer after September 18, they must contact the Rotman Commerce programs office to manually reassess their tuition to receive a partial refund. If it’s within the appropriate refund dates, the tuition fee will be adjusted from the full program fee to 50% of the Rotman Commerce program fee plus 50% of the cost of the courses the student has remained enrolled in. Thus, the refund that results from dropping from a full-time course load to a part-time course load is reduced significantly if it occurs after the September 18 deadline.

Part-Time Students

If a student is enrolled part-time as of September 18 (i.e., with 2.5 or fewer credits and a per-course fee status), any fall semester courses dropped after that date will continue to count toward their course load. Thus, students should be aware that they may be re-assessed to a full-time program fee if they drop a course and then add a course later. Tuition re-assessments may not occur on ACORN until after January 17, so your invoice charges may not change until that time. For example, if a student has a course load of 2.5 credits on the September 18 deadline and later drops a 0.5 credit fall course, they are still considered to have 2.5 credits for the purpose of fee status. If the same student then adds an additional 0.5 winter course, the course load will be reassessed as 3.0 credits and full-time status. Such a student will have until January 17 to drop 0.5 winter credits to avoid being reassessed at full-time status and charged full-time program fees.

Review the refund schedules.

We strongly advise you to meet with your academic advisor if you’re considering dropping or adding courses to ensure that you understand how the changes will impact your fees status.