Rotman Commerce Class Champions

Your class representatives are here to let you know about Rotman Commerce activities and events and keep you posted on any events/reunions hosted by your classmates.

We currently have a number of fantastic volunteers but we would love to get a few Class Champions for each graduating year. If you would like to become a Class Champion for your graduating year, please contact Bonnie Merchan-Douglas, Alumni Development Officer – Volunteers at or call her at 416.946.7168.

Class of 2015

Garra Gao, BCom ‘15
Aaron Xu, BCom ’15

Class of 2014

Ellie Wu, BCom ’14

Class of 2013

Vlad Alyokhin, BCom ’13
William Li, BCom 13

Class of 2012

Rohan Anand, BCom ’12
Rainbow (Ying Tung) Chik, BCom ’12
Rain Zheng, BCom ’12

Class of 2011

Fatima Ahmed, BCom ’11
Sharlane Bugarin, BCom ’11
Belinda Chiu, BCom ’11
Jeffrey Ma, BCom ’11

Class of 2010

Carlos Blanco, BCom ’10

Class of 2009

Karen Yeung, BCom ’09

Class of 2007

Michael Landa, BCom ’07
Damian Lopez, BCom ’07

Class of 2006

Pedram Kaya, BCom ’06

Class of 2005

Maha Kiani, BCom ’05
Sungho (Sean) Choi, BCom ’05