Rotman Commerce Alumni Steering Committee

The Alumni Steering Committee was established to provide the Alumni Relations office with direction and support in the continued growth of the network and the development of alumni-specific initiatives. The committee consists of alumni with cross-representation from various industries including Marketing, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Law and Accounting. As graduates of the program, you know first-hand the challenges that our students will face when they enter the work force. You know, too, how they can excel and succeed with the unparalleled academic foundation they gain at Rotman Commerce. Our Alumni Steering Committee plays a critical role in helping us improve the experience we offer students through alumni support and feedback on our student life, career services, and recruitment and admissions strategies and initiatives.

How can you become a member?

Apply during the application period: February 1st, 2018 to April 30th, 2018 at 11:59 pm.

Email Bonnie Merchan-Douglas your resume after completing the application form.

To complete the application form, click here.

How will members be selected?

An Alumni Steering Committee Selection Panel will include the Director, Rotman Commerce; Alumni Development Officer – Volunteers; student representative; faculty representative; and a former Steering Committee member. The selection panel will be responsible for reviewing all applications, conducting interviews and deciding upon final committee member selections.

What is the selection criteria?

The same evaluation criteria will be used to assess each candidate. These criteria include the following:

  • Contribution to the Rotman Commerce community as a student or alumnus
  • Contribution and commitment to the Rotman Commerce Alumni Network
  • Individual skills and work experiences as they relate to the Rotman Commerce strategic plan

Consideration will also be given toward establishing a Steering Committee that:

  • Represents various graduating classes
  • Holds a diverse history of professional experiences
  • Is well connected to industry

The position of Steering Committee Chair, which requires candidates have a minimum of one year of Steering Committee experience to be eligible for nomination, will be selected by the members of the Steering Committee during the April meeting.

The Chair position and all members hold two year terms.

How is the Alumni Steering Committee structured?

The Chair and the Managing Director are responsible for overseeing the Steering Committee by organizing and directing meetings, providing all members with guidance and support and ensuring the mandate and objectives of the Committee are being met. The Chair is also responsible for acting as a liaison with Rotman Commerce administration and a representative of the Alumni Network within the Rotman Commerce Community.

Working Committees are to be determined each year based upon the strategic direction and needs of the Rotman Commerce community.

How often will the committee meet?

There will be 4-6 regular status meetings during the year plus project based working group meetings in between.
The first two meetings are expected to take place in March and April.
Each status meeting date will be decided upon at the conclusion of the previous meeting.
Members are expected to attend at least 4 of the meetings in person.

What is expected of each committee member?

Members must be in attendance at meetings with the Director, Managing Director and the Alumni Relations team.
Members are expected to regularly attend Alumni Network events.
Members are expected to solicit their peers in order to increase participation in the Alumni Network.

Need more information?

Contact Bonnie Merchan-Douglas, Alumni Development Officer – Volunteers
416-946-7168 or

You can email the committee at