Management Specialist Overview

The attached documents provide an overview of the requirements for the Rotman Commerce Management Specialist and concentrations, a sample typical program progression, and a discussion of the applicable BCom breadth requirements.

Specialist Overview:


As of September 2018, students pursuing the Specialist in Management may choose to focus in one or more of six areas: Finance; Leadership in Organizations; Marketing; Strategy and Innovation; International Business; Financial Statement Analysis.

  • Finance
  • Leadership in Organizations
  • Marketing
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • International Business
  • Financial Statement Analysis

To learn more about the requirements for these focuses, you can review the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar. Any further questions can be directed to your Rotman Commerce Academic Advisor.

Enrolling in a Management Focus

The focuses will be available to add using ACORN and will be listed on students’ transcripts. These focuses replace the Certificates for the Management Specialist Concentrations that have been available previously. In all cases, students must fulfill all of the Specialist in Management requirements, in addition to the requirements for the focus.

To add a focus, you must be in the Specialist in Management (ASSPE2431). The focuses have their own codes, as follows:

  • ASFOC2431A = Focus in Marketing
  • ASFOC2431B = Focus in Finance
  • ASFOC2431C = Focus in Leadership in Organizations
  • ASFOC2431D = Focus in Strategy and Innovation
  • ASFOC2431E = Focus in Financial Statement Analysis
  • ASFOC2431F = Focus in International Business

Please refer to the Faculty of Arts & Science’s Program Enrolment page for further information, including when and how you can enrol.

Note that students do not have to pursue a focus and may continue to pursue the BCom with a Specialist in Management as outlined in the Arts & Science Calendar.

Updated June 2019