International Student Advisor

Rotman Commerce and the Centre for International Experience offer a program for students new to Canada to help make the transition to life at UofT easier.

If you are an international student or have attained permanent residence status within the last 5 years, then this program may be for you. Many international students find that once they get into their studies that issues arise that may not have been obvious when they first arrived in Toronto. Some common concerns:

  • I struggle with my reading and assignments. How can I improve?
  • I am concerned with academic expectations that involve class participation and making presentations.
  • How can I increase my confidence and improve my skill set speaking English?
  • I am homesick and miss my family at times. Do other people feel like this?
  • I feel that I have not made a connection to the program or feel part of the community at U of T and Toronto. Will I ever feel at home here?

If these feelings and questions sound familiar, or if you have questions about life at the University, living in Toronto, or Canadian society in general, know that help is available to you.

Marc ArnoldMarc Arnold is Coordinator of Transition and Advising from the CIE, and is available to meet privately and confidentially with students during the academic year. He has over seven years of experience advising international students, has worked at all three U of T campuses, and has a network of contacts across the University. Marc was an international student himself so he understands the challenges you may be facing.

To schedule an appointment, please email Marc at Tuesdays from 10am-12noon are specifically reserved for Commerce students, and Marc is available at other times as well.

No question is too big or too small. Marc will do his best to help you find the answers so that you can keep on your path to success. For more information about this advising program, please go to the CIE website: