In-Program Scholarships

Rotman Commerce students may be eligible for a number of scholarships and awards during their academic career at the University of Toronto. Some scholarships and awards, such as the Rotman Commerce Scholarship from the HSBC Women in Leadership Award and the RSM-specific awards requiring applications, are exclusively for Rotman Commerce students.

The Faculty of Arts & Science offers a variety of department-based scholarships and awards including a number for Rotman Commerce students. Additionally, each College offers scholarships and awards which you may be specific to Rotman Commerce and/or membership at the College itself.Enrolment Services maintains a database of other awards available to all University of Toronto students as well as a selection from external sources that are aimed at student programs (including business/commerce) or special student circumstances (i.e. special needs, home location).We encourage you to explore the links we have provided at left to discover scholarships that may be of interest to you.